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The Yard is a revolutionary, shared office space that allows driven professionals to work together in an innovative community.

Why You Should Choose The Yard

Your membership at The Yard is all-inclusive, providing amenities designed to allow you to focus on your business instead of logistics.

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    The Yard has a unique culture that fosters creativity and inspiration by bringing together dedicated entrepreneurs committed to their own business success as well as celebrating the achievements of the larger community.

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    The combination of both the physical space and our members themselves creates a supportive, driven and creative community unique to each neighborhood and bursting with undeniable entrepreneurial spirit.

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    Each location is a living space with rotating art exhibits, interesting venues and space infused with a unique personality that is constantly adapting to address the needs of the community, while inspiring and creating connections between members.

Join Our Community of Professionals

"Before Namely became a much larger business, we got our start at The Yard. From the Brooklyn location where we had our first office, The Yard was the perfect launch pad for a business that today employs 350 people. The Yard provides everything that a business needs to get going with a professional yet casual workplace where it's fun to spend time and get to know others."

Matt Straz, Founder and CEO, Namely

"I work in a very high-end exclusive hospitality recruiting company, and we bring in executives from all over the industry to The Yard. What makes The Yard perfect is not just that it is flexible and expandable to our needs, it is that their staff has a showcase model of hospitality in how it presents The Yard. Thus my clients see the high standards of graciousness that they expect within their own industry.”

Amy Falbaum, President, Amy Falbaum & Associates

"When looking for shared office space to start my new venture Voray, we toured a handful of options.
We chose The Yard originally because of the beautiful spaces but chose to stay on and grow here for the services.

The nature of our business has us bring in many high level executives from many industries and we are proud to have them visit us at our Yard offices. "

David Olk, CEO and Co-Founder, Voray

"The Yard provides a detailed and precise level of comfort for its members. They are very easy to communicate with and have excellent response rate. We love it!"

Vikram K., Business Development Associate, Correlation One

“Uber's home base in its first year in New York City was The Yard in Williamsburg. So many seeds were sown under their roof, meetings held, new drivers on-boarded, emails sent, and coffee drank. They were a crucial part of our story until we grew large enough to afford our own space.”

Josh Mohrer, New York GM, Uber

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See Our Spaces

The Yard is a revolutionary, shared office space that allows driven professionals to work together in an innovative community.