Williamsburg Curator in Residence: Audra Lambert

Currently on view at The Yard: Williamsburg, Hybridity.

Curated by Audra Lambert of ANTE.



Embracing a multiplicity of forms and conceptual approaches, Hybridity reflects on the myriad of ways that artists combine, overlap, interweave and smash together disparate styles, themes, concepts and disciplines. Artists on view in the exhibition explore the intersections of mediums, colors, forms and compositional elements. Sculpture intrudes into paintings by extruding out from the picture plane in the works of Yi Hsuan Lai. Paper collages by Elizabeth Riley form sculptural imprints across two-dimensional space. Artists working across textile work, painting, wall-mounted sculpture, works on paper and mixed media integrate hybrid ideas around translating concepts into physical space. Hybridity offers a freeing opportunity for multivalent artists to approach their practice with an inclusive mindset.


“We have entered the era of the post-binary,” reflects Lambert, “and as we venture forth into a world of exponentially increasing complexity and crossover, art continues to reflect the synthesis we observe in the phenomenological world. ‘Hybridity’ allows us to transcend easy description, defying categories and labels in art to instead emphasize artwork that is in a dialogue with multidimensionality: a blend of forms rather than monolithic uniformity. How does hybridity manifest in artwork, and how can it transform the trajectory of contemporary art?”



Audra Lambert / ANTE serves as curator-in-residence, The Yard, Williamsburg Bridge. Located here since 2019, ANTE serves as a platform for undiscovered, underserved artistic voices from emerging to mid-career, providing space for new dialogues to emerge in contemporary visual arts. For more information and sales/press inquiries, email: antecedentprojects@gmail.com



Hybridity is view at The Yard: Williamsburg (195 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY) through April 2023. Please stop by during business hours, Monday – Friday 10-4:30 PM to visit the show, or email Audra to set up a private appointment or with any inquiries at antecedentprojects@gmail.com. Please join us for the opening receptions celebrating the new exhibition, Tuesday February 28th, from 6-8 PM.


Wood Spirit, courtesy of the artist, Eileen Ferara.

Wood Spirit, courtesy of the artist, Eileen Ferara.