6 Ways to Design Your Office

December 17, 2018/ by Olivia Ramirez

Whether you have a home office, work out of a coworking space, or are looking to inspire your team, there’s no better time than now to design your office. After all, if you’re as passionate about your work as we are, your office is like your second home.

Take a look at our top 6 suggestions for revamping your office space:

1. Add Some Color! 

What kind of vibes are you looking to create for yourself or for your clients?

Fashionable vibes? 

Summer vibes? 

Professional vibes?

To begin curating an energy or a first impression, you’ve got to start with color. Check out these beautiful paint colors by our members Clare Paint, and start reimagining your work environment. 

For something invigorating and inspiring, try your hand at a light green, and mimic tones found in nature. For a serious energy, paint your office a deep blue. For a clean, polished look to adorn with subtle pops of color, try off-white. For fun and adventurous, give a warm color a shot. Want to add in some dramatic effect? Paint one wall, not four. 

Whatever you choose, the results will be life-changing when it comes to how you present your brand to others. Plus, you’ll be happy to be greeted by some color every day!  


2. Fill it with Plants

Let’s face it, plants are pretty. Not only that, but they can act as natural air filters and contribute to a calming environment when things get extra busy in the office. Plants can help you stay even-keeled when you otherwise might be going a little bonkers. They’re your friends.

Curious which plants are best for your office? Take a look at this list of plants that are easiest to maintain. You can also check out one of our favorite plant shops in the Lower East Side, The Sill.


3. Add Some Florals

Flowers aren’t just for the holidays. A little pop of natural colors can go a long way. Pick out a single flower for a simple vase, or gather a whole bouquet for an important week ahead. Flowers can also be a great surprise for colleagues when you know they need it – or deserve it.

This week at The Yard: Eastern Market, our member and resident florist Cristi Hegranes, CEO & Publisher of Global Press, will be teaching members how to create their very own bouquets for the holidays. So, why not make someone’s day or brighten up your office?

the_yard_coworking_nyc-office_space-Design Your Office

4. Decorate it With Art 

An office wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of art, especially pieces that represent your brand or your personality. Consider adding some small pieces to frame your desk and a larger statement piece to pull your office together. If you’re in larger space or a full floor, find pieces that subtly bring out the colors in other pieces near them. For some inspiration, check out art.com or our members Alpha’a.

At The Yard, we pride ourselves on our Art Program, which features rotating galleries and permanent installations across our spaces. We know art can be a powerful force when it comes to relaxing the mind as well as inspiring it, and it helps to switch out the aesthetics in your office from time to time for a refresh! Read about some of our exhibits on the blog.

the_yard_coworking_nyc-office_space-Design Your Office-4 copy

CDC, Bromelias 2 featured on Alpha’a

5. Make it Your Happy Place

Ok. Close your eyes and think about the little things that make you happy, that help you destress, or that help you relax. Trinkets or memorabilia that make you feel at home or instill a sense of calm for you are essential. Make your desk a place that brings you peace of mind. If you’re into gems, have a few nearby for some positive vibes. Into Marvel? Frame a poster of your favorite characters and keep it above your desk. The possibilities are endless and, oh, so worth it! 

the_yard_coworking_nyc-office_space-Design Your Office

6. Fill it With Your Aspirations

With your work, you shouldn’t just focus on the now but also on the future. It’s heartwarming and inspiring to include reminders about your aspirations, whether they’re professional or personal. Want to expand your business to Europe? Get a globe for your desk. Interested in building out your social media skills? Pin some helpful tips to your cork board. Go on, you got this!

the_yard_coworking_nyc-office_space-Design Your Office-2

Check out this beautiful mood board featured on Lights Camera Catwalk

We love making our offices beautiful and seeing our members do the same. Not only is it fun to make your space your own, but it also makes your work that much better! Create an environment that inspires you. You deserve it.

Looking for more design inspiration? Check out these tips from Michaeline Sander, Head of The Yard Art Program and Founder of SDAC.