A Night Out With The View UpStairs

April 13, 2017/ by Olivia Ramirez

Last week, I took a quick train ride down from The Yard: Flatiron North to check out a vibrant new show in the West Village, The View UpStairs. The Yard has partnered with The View UpStairs to offer raffled tickets to our community, and we’re thrilled to share the experience with our members!

Growing Through New Perspectives

The View UpStairs follows Wes, played by Jeremy Pope, as he contemplates his decision of purchasing an old, New Orleans gay bar in the French Quarter. The place looks dark and uninspired until he’s transported to a time in the 70s when the bar was bustling with life. As he interacts with the bar regulars, who seem quite at home in their colorful and soulful surroundings, Wes reevaluates his confidence, his aspirations and his capacity for human connection and understanding in a tech-focused age.

The View Upstairs The Yard NYC coworking private offices

The View UpStairs at The Lynn Redgrave Theater at Culture Project

Strength in Community

To bring everything full circle, the overarching theme of The View UpStairs is one of community. If there’s anything we appreciate more, it’s this! The characters of the show represent an eclectic slew of exciting personalities, with personal hurdles unique to each of them, but with the same connecting desire to grow and live freely together.

The View Upstairs The Yard NYC coworking private offices

Actor Richard E. Waits was nothing short of spectacular!

The Lynn Redgrave Theater at Culture Project was the perfect venue for this invigorating musical. The tight-knit space emulated the warm energy that endured for the entirety of the show and allowed for audience interactions with the entire cast. In fact, the actors frequently joined audience members at their tables, quickly making them at home in The UpStairs Lounge!

Members of The Yard can RSVP on The BackYard to win a pair of tickets to this brilliant musical. Special thanks to Invisible Wall Productions for sharing this wonderful experience with us!