A Trip to the American Folk Art Museum

November 17, 2016/ by Riley Able

There’s something about the New York City commute that can put blinders on a person. As we make our trek from home to work and back each day, we have the tendency to turn inward and miss the treasures New York has to offer. Just as every location of The Yard is unique, the communities surrounding them provide different experiences for members. One block south of The Yard: Lincoln Square, nestled between a church and a café, sits the American Folk Art Museum, a treasure not to be missed!

The Yard Lincoln Square coworking private offices

The American Folk Art Museum is just a few blocks from coworking space The Yard: Lincoln Square

Self Teaching for Musicians, Innovative Thinkers and Entrepreneurs

The American Folk Art Museum is devoted to creative expressions of self-taught artists, past and present. The museum curates an environment celebrating the artists and their works and how they tie into modern American culture. With numerous exhibitions every year, visitors can come back again and again for a different experience.

The Yard Lincoln Square Private Offices coworking

“Securing the Shadow” exhibit at The American Folk Art Museum

The current exhibit is titled “Securing the Shadow: Posthumous Portraiture in America.” I couldn’t have been more impressed by the work on display. In our modern age of cell phone cameras, social media and YouTube, our memories of loved ones can truly live on forever.

“Securing the Shadow” shows us how Americans from the 18th to early 20th century dealt with loss and memorialization. Families would often commission portraits of their deceased loved ones as a way of honoring them. Portraits were significant tools in grieving, and they also provided long-lasting remembrance for the deceased and their families.

A particularly striking portion of the exhibit was the collection of post-mortem daguerreotypes. Many of these early photographs feature mothers posing with their deceased children, and while such works may sound morose, the prevailing theme is the nobility, strength and dignity of a mother’s love.

Music Fridays to cap off Your Productive Coworking

The American Folk Art Museum also hosts film screenings and Free Music Fridays and is home to one of the most unique gift shops imaginable. Like the museum itself, the gift shop places emphasis on unique handcrafted products. Jewelry, apparel and Christmas tree ornaments are just a few of the items you can find for sale.

If you’re looking for inspiration, a quick getaway on your lunch break or an evening of culture after work, head to the American Folk Art Museum! Best of all, it’s always free.