Workplace Affirmations to Increase Happiness

August 16, 2016/ by Kim Gonzales

Weekdays can be hard. At The Yard, we cultivate a coworking environment that promotes conversation, collaboration and most of all positivity.

Positive Energy Between Entrepreneurs and Coworkers

It’s the beginning of the work week. The weekend is over and the next one is as far away as it can be. How are you going to make it through another tedious, stressful, mindless week?


You’re not. This week is going to be positive, productive and proactive. You’re going to do your best work, and at the end of the day you’re going to be proud of it.

Positivity Leads to Positivity. 

These are the kinds of thoughts that can literally change your life.

Research shows that the average human mind generates 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. If you become aware of your thoughts and make a conscious effort to think positively, you may achieve an incredible difference in your outlook on life.

affirmations The Yard Herald Square coworking private offices NYC

Aya and Tyler from The Foxgrove guiding coworkers of The Yard’s Manhattan coworking space at Herald Square in music meditation.

Community Building Through Balanced Workdays

The word affirmation comes from the Latin affirmare, which originally means “to make steady” or “to strengthen”.

Here are six simple workplace affirmations you can start implementing into your daily dialogue to establish balance and strengthen your well-being, confidence in yourself and belief in your work.

I trust myself and the decisions I make.

I make the right choices every time. 

I enjoy my work, and I find it fulfilling.

I engage in work that impacts the world in a positive way.

I am in complete charge of my success, and I am doing everything I can to succeed. 

All my problems have a solution, and I will always find the way. 

The Yard hosts events weekly to help maintain a balanced work environment and build community. Last week, Aya and Tyler from The Foxgrove guided members of The Yard’s Herald Square and Flatiron locations in music meditation. To experience it for yourself, you can find Aya and Tyler at their live concert this Friday at Ishta Yoga.

Affirmations from Prolific Living and Dr. Kreisberg