Aggie Pavlidis: Dream Lines

January 17, 2017/ by Olivia Ramirez

An Evening of Art at The Yard: Williamsburg

We are thrilled to announce that we will be showcasing Aggie Pavlidis‘s collection “Dream Lines” at The Yard in Williamsburg! To kick off the exhibit, we will be celebrating with an art opening on February 16th at 6pm. Join us in admiring Aggie’s work that she personally describes as “unhinged grace” over wine and cheese.

Art to Understand the World

Aggie’s work focuses on the ways in which we process and internalize our surroundings and experiences. She makes and creates as a means to better understand herself, and the world around her.

The Yard Williamsburg Coworking Private Offices

The yard Williamsburg coworking private offices

the Yard Williamsburg coworking private offices

The Yard Williamsburg coworking private offices

Aggie received her BFA in Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Boston (now Lesley University’s College of Art and Design). She currently lives and works in Boston.

An Inspiring Workplace for Coworking

Across The Yard’s locations, we mindfully curate art to create an inspiring, productive environment for our members. We love welcoming businesses from varying industries and backgrounds to The Yard, and even moreso we enjoy the unique conversations and collaborations that ensue.

“Dream Lines” is sure to bring new energy into the space and to inspire a refreshing outlook for our community of entrepreneurs, creatives and small businesses. This exhibit is brought to us by Silence Is Accurate (SIA), a New York based art consultancy specializing in site-specific installation, neon and contemporary art.

The Yard Williamsburg coworking private offices dedicated desks

“Dream Lines”, a collection by Aggie Pavlidis to be showcased at coworking space The Yard: Williamsburg. Photos by Derek Palmer and Amelia Passacantando.

We look forward to welcoming “Dream Lines” to The Yard: Williamsburg next month!