Art by ELO at The Yard

December 27, 2018/ by Olivia Ramirez

We’re kicking off the New Year with a new art show at The Yard: Herald Square!

On Friday, January 4th from 6-9PM, we’re hosting an opening art reception for a new exhibit by Evan Lorberbaum, aka ELO, curated by Ché Morales. Evan’s moniker ELO is short for his movement “Encourage Life Originality,” through which he aims to inspire others to reach their full potential by embracing their individuality.


Join us for wine and light bites as we soak up the inspiration with our fellow community members next month. To RSVP, send us a note at

About the Artist

ELO’s artistic style and vision is influenced by graffiti, abstract expressionism, and his own relationship with time, personal growth, and pop culture. He is inspired by his role models: Jay Z, Shepard Fairey, Marc Ecko, KAWS, Takahashi Murakami, and Pharrell, among others. ELO blends the lines between art, fashion, and product merchandising.


“My experience as an artist is similar as to how we all navigate through our own lives. I am the author and protagonist of my own story. As I add and subtract layers of paint over one another, while scraping through the surface to unmask hidden perspectives, a certain feeling of welcomed unfamiliarity takes over.

I am able to embrace this freedom while making the most of the unexpected through this process. The line leads me throughout controlled chaos, as my stream of consciousness guides this narrative, ultimately determining which stroke I will perform and what the canvas will say, in this life and in the next.” – ELO



Can’t make it to the opening reception this time? Stop by The Yard: Herald Square Monday – Friday from 9:30am to 5:30pm to see these works up close. Special thanks to Ché Morales for putting this wonderful show together!


This exhibit is part of The Yard Art Program, which features seasonally rotating art exhibits and permanent collections across The Yard’s locations. You can read more about our current exhibits on our blog.