Best Lunch Spots in Gowanus

September 23, 2018/ by Olivia Ramirez

We put together a list of some of the best lunch spots in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Our community at The Yard is always looking for great places close by to take their lunch meetings, have a break from their work, or just to order in. After some lighthearted debate and some much-needed data collection (aka taste tests), we’ve got our winners!

1. Dumplings and Things

Steamed or fried? Dumplings and Things is as simple as it gets, and who doesn’t want to treat themselves to a burst of goodness? These dumplings are made to order, so there’s precious time and dedication put into every bite. If you’re looking for a bit more variety in your meal, there’s a selection of baos and soups available as well.


Dumplings and Things, Park Slope

2. Fatty Daddy Tacos

Fatty Daddy Tacos is one of our go-to spots and a favorite for our community. They have lunch specials for discounted burritos, quesadillas, and tacos with a drink, and you can choose from a variety of Jarritos for a few extra dollars.


Fatty Daddy Tacos, Gowanus

3. Gnarly Eats

Gnarly Eats is the best option for an indulgent lunchtime burger. Other menu items include their gooey grilled cheese, wide selection of sandwiches, and other comfort foods. They’ve got the perfect savory treats for these upcoming chilly days!


Gnarly Eats, Park Slope

4. Surfish Bistro

Did you know that the head chef of Surfish Bistro, Miguel Aguilar, competed on Knife Fight? If you visit Surfish Bistro for lunch, you’ll be welcomed by heaping plates of meats, ceviche, paella, and more. There’s no doubt you’ll leave feeling full and satiated.


Surfish Bistro, Gowanus

5. Table 87

Table 87 might just be our favorite pizza in New York. They truly know how to make a delicious pizza pie, and they’ve even got jars of coal oven roasted garlic for an added bonus. If you’re feeling more than just a slice (or three), they’ve got a dine-in restaurant in the back with a menu of traditional New York Italian dishes. Their pizza is so good that they even have frozen pizzas available for shipping nation-wide. Our mouths are watering just writing about this place.


Table 87, Gowanus


There are so many great restaurants in the surrounding neighborhoods, and we can’t wait to get to them all. With our coworking space┬áin the heart of Gowanus, we found these to be the cream of the crop for a nearby lunch meeting or a new addition to your Seamless favorites. Enjoy!