Billy the Artist

May 11, 2016/ by Lindsey

Billy the Artist, aka BTA, is an internationally renowned artist whose work shows in galleries around the world. He designs for some of the largest global brands, including Swatch, Mountain Dew, Hyundai, Suzuki, Gibson, and MTV.  At The Yard, we’re grateful to have his work bring vibrant life to our workspaces! His murals are an experience not to be missed.

Billy the Artist Brings Good Vibes to The Yard

A few years ago, BTA created his first mural installation at The Yard Flatiron South. Now you can view his murals at our Lincoln Square and Herald Square locations. His artwork emulates the convivial and tranquil environments that are intrinsic to The Yard’s professional workspaces.   

Serenity Amidst the New York Hustle

At The Yard Herald Square, BTA produced a dreamy skyline mural that greets members with a sense of tranquility against the hustle just outside the front doors. BTA describes his mural as, “a nighttime kind of scene. It’s so chaotic outside and then you come in here […] and you have this cool transition, which I think this place is all about.” The mural sets the tone of the Herald Square location, with its floor-to-ceiling windows, airy loft-like space and inviting stadium bleachers.

BTA has been transforming The Yard’s locations from the average office space to inspiring environments full of bold, energizing art. The future’s looking bright (and cool) with some upcoming BTA projects in The Yard’s new spaces. Stay tuned!