Building Amazing Teams with Vettery

October 20, 2016/ by Olivia Ramirez

Hiring in NYC is tough. With so many great people living in this city and the competition for the best talent at an all-time high, growing companies need some help.

At The Yard, we’re getting a leg up from Vettery, a hiring marketplace built to match top talent with the perfect job for them. Every week Vettery launches a new showcase of the best tech talent in New York where vetted candidates become visible to our active community of startups looking to hire.

Vettery stopped by The Yard: Herald Square this week to walk our members through the hiring process and discuss how they build amazing teams. As an added bonus, members of The Yard receive free access to the marketplace as well as a 20% discount on their first hire! Sign up as an Employer at or email for details.

To get a bit more insight on the battle for talent, we chatted with Adam Goldstein and Clark Winter of Vettery:

Q: What are your views on the evolving talent search process in NYC?

Vettery was started out of frustration with the current hiring process and the desire to create a better solution. Finding a job should be fun. It’s a chance to explore and discover what’s out there. Many aspects of our lives have been improved through a tight, uncompromising focus on user experience, and the job search should be no different.

Q: What makes Vettery different?

Vettery is a two-sided marketplace that allows companies to discover candidates and request interviews. We do not have job postings, and companies do not provide us with job requisitions. The marketplace provides transparency, price discovery, ease of use, but most importantly intent. Imagine logging into a website that has high caliber talent, having transparency into the candidate’s compensation needs and knowing the candidate will speak with you. On LinkedIn you can’t tell which candidates are open to a conversation, and with agencies you get a broker pushing candidates down your throat. Vettery allows you to take control, and save a lot of money along the way.

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Photo courtesy of Vettery

Q: What is your advice for startups who are starting to grow their team?

Focus specifically on the team, revenue model and traction. These are important not just for raising capital, but for your business in general. In today’s environment, having traction in a large market is imperative. There is so much noise out there with more and more companies getting funded, so you need something to stand out. If you can show a chart with key metrics going upwards and to the right, it will be very difficult to ignore.

Special thanks to Adam & Clark for chatting with us and sharing their insights with The Yard!