Celestial Spectacle from The Roof

January 21, 2016/ by Tara M. F. Leavitt

All five planets will arrange on an arc across the sky in a celestial spectacle. Mercury will appear the closest to the horizon, followed by Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. The stars Antares and Spica will make cameos as well, twinkling between Saturn and Mars, and Mars and Jupiter, respectively.

From The New York Times:
The show was expected to run from Jan. 20 until Feb. 20, but the peak time to see all five is from the end of January until the first week of February, when Mercury is at its highest points, according to Sky & Telescope. The display is made possible by the uncommon alignment of all five planets along what is called the “ecliptic” plane of their orbits, according to Jim Green, the planetary science division director at NASA.

I’m sure some of our LES office space and coworking members will be on our roof deck looking up over the next few weeks!