Coworking: The Not So Modern Way of Working

August 1, 2016/ by Sara Grazi

How Modern is Coworking Exactly?

At the surface, coworking seems to be a modern concept. The desire to communicate ideas and collaborate with other entrepreneurs and small businesses in a shared space is growing stronger by the New York minute. With such high demand, The Yard is planning expansions across New York City and Philadelphia this year.

Shared Workspaces in the 15th Century

The Harvard Business Review compared modern day coworking to the 15th Century Renaissance “bottega” — AKA workshop. These communal spaces transformed the way these artists worked.

modern The Yard Herald Square coworking private offices NYC

Two drawings of churches, from The Literary Works of Leonardo Da Vinci Vol. II by Jean Paul Richter, PH. DR. [Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, London, 1883].

The HBR article highlights three main selling points of Italy’s bottegas: turning ideas into action, fostering dialogue and facilitating the convergence of art and science. As article author Piero Formica explains, referring to the beliefs of 18th century Neopolitan economist Ferdinando Galiani:

“The quality of the network – that is, the combined intelligence of people and organizations with different skills and abilities – plays a critical role in innovation.”

At The Yard, we are all about turning ideas into action, whether they stem from our unique professional endeavors or are inspired by conversation with like-minded individuals.

modern The Yard Herald Square coworking private offices NYC

DaVonne, Community Manager of The Yard: Flatiron South, at the grand opening party for The Yard: Flatiron North and its event space, 246Fifth.

Fostering Ideas at The Yard

An idea is one thing, but to develop and grow our ideas into full-fledged plans requires intellectual discussion, debate and a whole lot of perspective. With so many industries present at The Yard, the opportunity to not only collaborate but also gain invaluable perspective to improve upon professional ventures is extraordinary.

The Italians had the right idea!