Fashion Entrepreneur: Alexander Julian

January 22, 2019/ by Jet Fuel Studio

We love hearing about the unique journeys that lead entrepreneurs and creatives to their success. Nearly everyone in our community has “made it” in one way or another, but how did they get there? Recently, we welcomed Alexander Julian to The Yard: Gowanus to chat about how he went from working in the corporate world to global entrepreneur. Alexander is a fashion and travel editor whose work has been featured in GQ, FLAUNT, V Magazine, and more.

Take a look at what Alexander’s got going on, how he got there, and where he’s going:

Q: What steps did you take to set the stage for your current work?

A: I got my ground from hustling, like doing photoshoots in my dorm room and sending them to magazines, putting together outfits for my friends in thrift shops, shooting content on the street and getting it published. GQ was always somewhere I wanted to work and, funny enough, something that I always considered to be an end goal. It was really really interesting when I had already accomplished that goal maybe two or three years out of college. 

Q: How have the changes you’ve made in your career affected your well-being?

A: The change in my career path has been pretty amazing. I’m happier because I’m literally getting to do things that I love. A lot of the work I’m doing is stuff that I’m super passionate about. I have such a broad range of interests, and so it’s given me the opportunity to explore everything from anime to travel to fashion to food to the tiny nuances of being black. 

Q: How do you measure your success?

A: I measure success by happiness and by how much the stories that I’m telling are connecting to people that I’m sharing them with. 


Alexander Julian at coworking space The Yard: Gowanus. Photos by Adrian Amador.

Q: What inspires you most?

A: I’m really interested in design and art, but I’d also love to keep doing what I’m doing. Creating and telling stories about the intersection of fashion and people worldwide – and just kind of becoming more of a global citizen – is really important to me.

Check out the full video interview with Alexander below.

We loved hearing Alexander’s inspiring story and are excited to see what this year brings for his work. Follow his journey on Instagram @alexanderjulian and through his website. Plus, Find more interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs and creatives on The Yard’s blog.


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