Greg Hopkins Art at The Yard

July 20, 2018/ by Olivia Ramirez

On Wednesday, July 25th, join us at an opening art reception for artist Greg Hopkins, curated by Kirstin Lamb. The latest exhibit at The Yard: Williamsburg features multi-layered paintings on canvas, creating colorfully evocative patterns that will knock you off your feet.

If you’d like to join us in celebrating, submit your RSVP here. We’ll enjoy drinks and bites with Brooklyn’s artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs.


About Greg Hopkins

Greg Hopkins makes stunning, abstract paintings. Something to note about Greg and his work is his tendency to make intricate and clean spaces warm and inviting. There is no cold geometry to any one of his paintings, though the complexity of each hand-drawn or hand-cut component initially suggests a cooler, less vibrant and less strange abstraction.

Greg doesn’t use rulers. He carefully hand-cuts layers of masking tape for each piece, creating complex systems and blue tape tangles.

Which line comes first? How is the chevron woven into the larger loom of the picture? Where does that neon color recur, but with an elegant veil of subtle glaze over the top? Greg prefers soft and imperfect lines with the finest paint application. For his more gestural, abstract marks, Greg draws and drips with ink to create an improvisational line, which is then laboriously hand-cut and masked. He carves into ornate and dandyish wallpaper and lays something like a gestural appliqué on top of the weave.

Greg’s work functions as a pattern excavation, laden with a sweet and sometimes sad personal intensity. Greg peels off layers of wallpaper, burrowing down into his glowing, 8-bit maze, a warm and welcome counterpoint to hard-edged and sometimes dry geometric formalism.



We’re thrilled to have this exhibit featured in our Williamsburg space and can’t wait to share it with you. Can’t make it this time? Check out our upcoming art exhibits across New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. through our Art Program.