How To Rock Your Investors Meeting

February 22, 2017/ by Alayna Carter

With any new business, investor meetings are a vital component for growth. While it can be an exciting process, it can also be quite daunting. Not only do you need time to refine your pitch, but straightforward, valuable feedback is essential to making sure you take the relevant information to investors at the right time.

The Yard identifies valuable resources to help our members put their best foot forward, and we are excited to share a fun new tool!

Evaluating Your Business Pitch

The Yard coworking private offices

Thanks to one investor’s insight and the remarkable capabilities of A.I, you can now practice your pitch through simulation chat. is a chat bot that simulates a pitch meeting with an angel, incubator, seed fund or VC firm. Pitchbot asks multiple-choice questions in regards to your product, team, growth, market and values to evaluate whether an investor would be interested.

The Yard Takes Pitchbot for a Spin

I decided to give Pitchbot a test run. The process was simple and took only ten minutes. Pitchbot asks general questions about your project, which become more fine-tuned as the conversation continues.

The Yard coworking private offices

The Yard coworking private offices

After answering the questions, the bot thought my idea and was great and wanted to invest! If the bot is interested, it will provide you with mock-up funding. If the bot believes that you’re not quite ready for an investment, it will send you a full report with helpful tips to prepare for your next pitch.

A Valuable Tool for a Coworking Community

The Yard coworking private offices

So, if you’re preparing for the hot seat, take Pitchbot for a spin. Utilizing this tool will help you maximize your full potential and receive the most valuation or let you know if you need to sort important matters out before the real chat. When it boils down to it, Pitchbot can only help!