Live Storytelling at The Yard

November 16, 2017/ by Olivia Ramirez

On Thursday, November 2nd, we hosted our kick-off live storytelling event with member of The Yard: Gowanus and Communications Coach, Dawn J. Fraser. Dawn is Lead Instructor at The Moth and Creator of the live show and podcast Barbershop Stories. She joined our community in October, and we are thrilled to have her sharing her wonderful expertise with fellow Yard members.



Frank Ruy, Film Producer & Director at Give It Up, LLC

In the weeks leading up to the event, Dawn led a multi-day training session on the art of live storytelling. With Dawn’s guidance, members of The Yard in Manhattan and Brooklyn had the opportunity to turn their most memorable moments into engaging, impact-driven stories.



Michael Terwindt, Marketeer at Ammo Marketing

After days of digging into the significance of their stories and perfecting their performances, our storytellers were ready to go!



Trinidad Id, Co-Founder & Marketing Director at Chok Chok Social

At the event, we heard hilarious, mind-blowing, emotional stories from members Frank Ruy, Filmmaker & Screenwriter, Michael Terwindt, Marketeer at Ammo Marketing, Trinidad Id, Co-Founder & Marketing Director at Chok Chok Social, and Jonathan Evan Goldberg, Litigation & Employment Law Partner at FisherBroyles, LLP and President, Co-Founder, and Chairman of the Board at Cherub Improv.



Jonathan Evan Goldberg, Litigation & Employment Law Partner at FisherBroyles, LLP and President, Co-Founder, and Chairman of the Board at Cherub Improv

Plus, we heard from a special guest and seasoned storyteller, Sandi Marx!



Guest Storyteller, Sandi Marx

Special thanks to our storytellers and to our host, Dawn J. Fraser, for making the evening a night to remember! Our audience members felt connected and empowered by the wonders of storytelling.





Take a listen to a listen to our November stories below or on Soundcloud.



To learn more about Dawn’s workshops, visit Members of The Yard can receive 10% off all workshops – Just check The BackYard for the details.

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