Member Spotlight: Amanda Mintz

April 20, 2016/ by Lindsey Marron

We’re excited to welcome Amanda Mintz Creative Management to The Yard’s community at Flatiron South! We sat down for a Q&A and talked inspiration, growing a business, and settling in at their new home, The Yard!

Q: How did Amanda Mintz Creative Management come to fruition?

Amanda Mintz Creative Management is a strategic boutique search firm that acquires, manages, and connects creative talent of the highest caliber.  It was founded 6+ years ago when Amanda saw the need for a personal service with integrity and care. Since then, it’s grown exclusively through word of mouth and reputation.

Amanda Mintz, Founder of Amanda Mintz Creative Management

Q: What types of projects and clients do you take on?

We work with all types of clients but specialize in identifying talent and building teams/partnerships with top-tier fashion, lifestyle, beauty, luxury, consumer brands and the agencies and design studios that are “the makers” of those brands- whether they are a startup, in their infancy or a Fortune 500. It’s always for the long-term, working with individuals straight out of school through the entirety of their career. We evaluate whether or not the project or client is a good fit for us on a case by case basis; considering the results of our work influence the entire retail landscape and directly/indirectly will affect people’s lives. There is a lot of thought that goes into each engagement.

Q: There are plenty of co-working options in NYC- what made you choose The Yard?

We looked into many alternatives, but the The Yard felt more like a home than a place to work. The people were definitely more mature and the amenities were far superior compared to other co-working spaces. To make an analogy, for those that have back-packed through Europe, the other options are the hostels while The Yard is the five-star hotel.

Q: What are the personal touches that you decided to add to your new office to make it uniquely yours?


We tend to surround ourselves with things that inspire us and wanted to create an environment that feels great to be in every day. Whether it is the most recent issue of Vogue, or a book of an up-and-coming Fashion photographer, we like to remain current and in the know. Music is always playing, bamboo is thriving, and we’re huge fans of fresh cut flowers.  Plus we have a fully stocked vintage bar cart; it’s always in use!

The Yard coworking space nyc and philadelphia shared office space amanda mintz creative mangement

Amanda Mintz, member of The Yard: Flatiron South

Q: Do you have any advice for small and growing businesses like yours?

Be passionate about what you do, make sure to surround yourself with people that will always challenge and inspire you, and simply be fun to be around. The team and culture are key. Finding those people will always be one of the biggest challenges that a company will face – but an important part of your current and future success. Growing a company takes time – but I’ve found and know this to be common for many entrepreneurs – the best lessons have always come from mistakes or failures.  It’s a learning experience and, looking back, I always say, “Well… if I only knew then what I know now”. Just remember, we all get a chance to start fresh each day.

Q: Hard-hitting final question: what are your favorite lunch and coffee spots in the Flatiron neighborhood?

Half of our day is spent wondering if it is too late for coffee at Birch Coffee and the other half is spent wondering if it is too early for a margarita at Mexicue or El Presidente. They have the best guacamole hands down. Other times, we’re feeling a good sports bar and can be found having burgers and beers at Grey Bar during our typical lunch time-  4:30pm!

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