Member Spotlight: Amanda Neville

September 27, 2016/ by Caitlin Dronen

Amanda Neville has been a member of The Yard: Lower East Side for two years. She is Founder of Three Furies Consulting, a business, brand and content strategy firm for progressive entrepreneurs, nonprofits and community-based organizations. She also owns a neighborhood wine shop in Brooklyn called Tipsy.

Initiative to Make Better Business

Amanda founded Tipsy in her neighborhood, Clinton Hill, because she felt there was a need for it. “I love shopping and I love wine, but I hate shopping for wine,” says Amanda. “Most wine stores are organized in a way that’s not so easy to navigate at best and alienating at worst. I wanted it to be easy and fun to buy wine.”

amanda neville The Yard Lower East Side

Amanda Neville, Founder of Three Furies Consulting and Tipsy

Tipsy offers approachable prices and a user friendly experience in the store and online (the store delivers to locations across Brooklyn and most neighborhoods in Manhattan). She thoughtfully designed her store using human centric design principles so that the needs, wants and limitations of the community were first and foremost. Coworkers at The Yard have enjoyed visiting Amanda’s shop and trying wine at events like All Day Rosé!

Entrepreneurs Creating Action From Passion

Amanda’s experience with human centered design comes from her work building high-profile brands and large, complex websites. “You have to think outside yourself and consider what will be intuitive and natural to a variety of people,” she says. Through her consulting business, Three Furies, which she founded in 2012, she leads creative teams for a range of clients from tech startups to Stanford University. Many of her client are women-owned businesses or projects led by women.

Amanda’s next project will be her largest and most meaningful to date. She plans to launch Venture + Gain, which will reintegrate combat veterans through employment at retreat centers.

When speaking with Amanda, it’s clear that her ventures, though seemingly very different, have a common, intrinsic approach. They are designed with the intention to make life easier for real people.

We are grateful that Amanda is one of our longtime members and look forward to seeing what future projects she takes on!