Member Spotlight: Lumens

July 9, 2019/ by Olivia Ramirez

A business’s message is everything. From logo design to user experience, having a solid brand presence for the long haul makes all the difference. When we heard about the great work Lumens is doing to help brands tell their story in a way that’s effective, accessible, and impactful, we had to learn more. Lumens is a creative studio that has worked with brands like VolAir, Weatherproof Vintage, Tomorrow Networks, Medivol Wines, and more to reimagine their vision, analyze their design flow, and engage new audiences.

We sat down with member of The Yard: Columbus Circle and Creative Director of Lumens, Serra Semi, to hear her perspective on what it takes to bring a business’s vision to life. Serra has over fifteen years of experience developing meaningful aesthetic solutions for brands who strive to go beyond the conventional. 

Hear her story: 

So, tell us about the meaning behind Lumens as a brand?

The kind of work we do comes back to the eye of the beholder. It’s about bringing the client’s vision to life. The name “Lumens” refers to light, and more specifically to the measurement of how the human eye perceives light.  

What excites you about creating new stories for brands?

I love creating work that elevates the brand and showing non-creative professionals that design is something they should invest in. Design is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. It’s incredible showing people who don’t come from a design background that we can do amazing things with their vision simply by establishing authority and trust in our relationship. When a business allows me to run with my work more creatively, the results are exciting.    

Design is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Lumens team with their office

Lumens Team and Offices at The Yard

How do you break through to a client to convey the big picture?

Part of the process is about reading people. The client is usually focused on one thing, like the logo for example, and then we come in to present a more wholesome, big-picture approach. I know that the logo is going to live in so many different places, but the client might not. We help them carry their vision through to the long haul by showing them all of the avenues that their brand can travel. A logo can live on a website, on a step and repeat, in a deck, or elsewhere. We anticipate the client’s needs by knowing what’s coming. 

Does the growth of technology make it hard for a brand’s design to stay relevant?

If your brand is well thought out from the beginning, you shouldn’t run into issues. I studied media design, and because of that I’m very comfortable with thinking ahead. I ensure that my work is not defined by the limitations of the platform I’m working with so that when the next one comes along I can adapt to fit its needs. 

Weatherproof Vintage design for kindle

Weatherproof Vintage Brandbook Kindle App

Could you tell us about one of your favorite projects?

Tomorrow Networks has been a longtime, favorite client of mine. They are very tech focused, but ultimately they’re a healthy lifestyle brand. Through the re-branding, we were able to change the conversation so that their message was accessible to more people. Later on, we switched gears to create animated gifs, videos, and product demos, and we redesigned their backend experience for clients. We were able to impact a lot more because they threw more our way. There’s nothing better than a cooperative client that’s excited to see what we can create for them. 

Re-branding of website for Tomorrow Networks

Tomorrow Networks Template Website

We also loved working with wine brand Medivol Wines. They sell five different types of wines from various regions, so we decided to pair each wine with an illustration that represented its unique background.

Illustrations for a wine brand by Lumens

Medivol Wines Brand Illustrations

What do you like most about working at The Yard?

The people at The Yard are nice and respectful. Previously, I worked at another coworking space that felt a bit like a madhouse, so it was really nice moving into an environment that’s focused and peaceful.


Huge thanks to Serra for taking the time to chat with us about how Lumens elevates brands through purposeful design. Lumens handles UX/UI design, e-commerce, marketing, re-branding, print, and more. Learn more about them at, or say hi to Serra at The Yard: Lincoln Square!