Member Spotlight: Michael Delle Donne

July 8, 2016/ by Tyler Woods

Michael Delle Donne handles North American business development for the editorial and ticketing startup Resident Advisor. The folks of Resident Advisor joined The Yard: Williamsburg back in February and they represent the New York branch of the office, which has its headquarters in London. We caught up with Michael to get the deets on the company and also found out that his last name means “of the women” in Italian.

Q: Okay, so what exactly does Resident Advisor do?

Resident Advisor (RA) is a multifaceted music company. One arm is an editorial led online publication which reviews underground music, events and technology- while the other is a robust ticketing platform for forward-thinking music events around the world. It has scaled pretty rapidly because of the ticketing suite, which allows promoters around the world to sell their tickets to an audience of readers and listeners that’s most engaged in the music. It’s become a strong brand name in the underground space and has built quite a large and loyal international following. I work specifically towards helping US advertisers and brands market to these people!

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Q: Do you get to go to cool shows?

Yeah. I mean, I think Brooklyn in particular is kind of up there with Berlin in regard to the large base of people looking to book unknown shows and sounds. There’s an aspect of trying to expand people’s horizons in music and not worrying about taking a risk and booking. My experience going to some of these things is that these promoters and events are working on building experience, which I think is unique to underground dance music, it’s not all about the name that’s playing but the experience that’s built.

The last show I went to was a CityFox party. CityFox has been doing warehouse events in New York for a long time. They put months of planning into their parties which include experiential art and lounges and music. They find a completely raw location and build something special out of it.

Q: What are your hopes for RA?

I think that in the US it has a lot of room to grow. Basically everyone in the UK knows about RA. In Europe there’s a larger demographic of people that like to go out and dance at night. In the US, as the EDM bubble bursts and people get more interested in local music, I hope we can grow and educate more people about music production and what goes into music rather than the mass-produced music that’s being consumed at scale. I kind of hope that RA can open up what people like, I feel like people are kind of pigeonholed right now.

Q: How do you find life at The Yard: Williamsburg?

Great. I think that working around so many other young companies and small businesses is really motivating. It’s obvious that everyone is hustling and grinding here. As someone doing business development, it’s motivating being in an atmosphere where people are closing deals and talking strategy.

Big thanks to Michael for sharing his insight into the complex electronic music scene. At The Yard, we love discovering new music and seeing what new sounds pop up as genres continue to be reshaped. We’ll definitely see you out there at those obscure Brooklyn venues!