Member Spotlight: PRoPS Creator Exchange

March 13, 2017/ by Olivia Ramirez

We love celebrating the big moments with our members’ businesses. Recently, PRoPS launched PRoPS Creator Exchange! We are so grateful to have seen the PRoPS team grow at The Yard, and we’re looking forward to sharing their fantastic new platform with our creative community.

We sat down with PRoPS Co-Founders Ken Hamm and Pat Stern to hear about their Creator Exchange and the reasons why the extended creative community craved a change.

What is PRoPS?

The Yard City Hall Park private offices downtown financial district

Ken Hamm, Co-Founder of PRoPS

PRoPS is a first-to-market, online creator exchange that combines the best of multimedia publishing, social discovery, e-commerce and professional networking in one intuitive ecosystem.

Where did the idea for PRoPS come from?

To be honest: anger. And lots of it. As Creators ourselves, we were extremely frustrated with the state of creative publishing on the interwebs. Instead of continuing to complain, we decided to create a more sustainable solution for Creators, Fans and Brands.

What encouraged you to make the leap towards “saving the internet”? Why does the internet need to be saved?

We realized the Internet has an egregious economic problem. Currently, creators invest their own time and money to produce online content enjoyed by billions without getting paid enough to cover rent. Meanwhile, brands are having an increasingly difficult time reaching consumers and are dedicating multi-million dollar budgets to content marketing campaigns without any reliable way to realize or measure ROI. And fans, who are consuming it all, are abused by meaningless ads and fake content served up by soulless algorithms.

The Yard City Hall Park coworking private offices financial district downtown

Pat Stern, Co-Founder of PRoPS

Personally, what are your favorite features of PRoPS Creator Exchange?

I love the multimedia publishing tools, to be able to publish audio, video, photography.

Is the platform accessible to experiential producers – like lighting designers, etc.?

Anyone with a story to tell can publish on PRoPS.

Who are some of the brands involved?

Citibank, Black Rapids, Hotel Indigo (of the InterContinental Hotels Group), The New School are all sponsoring creators on the platform. Many more are signed up, and we’ll be announcing them in the upcoming weeks/months.

If you could learn any art medium, outside of the ones you’re already versed in, what would it be?

Ken: Photography, I have been shooting for 20 years and still feel like a novice every time I press the button on my camera.

Pat: I’d love to learn how to paint. Even though I’ve been a designer for years, I learned design on a computer, so I missed the formal, physical and tangible training that most visual designers get — and painting takes that to a completely other level.

How has PRoPS grown with The Yard?

Beyond having a cost-effective and convenient place to set up, we have scaled from a 2-desk office to 18 people in a matter of months. We’ve also met some amazing people and companies through The Yard and been able to go into business with them – like an amazing PR company we’ve been working with, just across the hall from us!

Special thanks to Ken & Pat and the whole team at PRoPS for sharing their insight with us. We can’t wait to dive into PRoPS Creator Exchange!