My Friend, Vargas-Suarez Universal

April 27, 2016/ by Olivia Ramirez

Written by Morris Levy, Founder of The Yard

Three years ago, I met the man behind Vargas-Suarez Universal. My partner Richard and I presented what seemed like a daunting problem, and Vargas-Suarez came back with a solution to withstand time.

In 2011, Richard and I founded The Yard Williamsburg. We knew that The Yard would grow well beyond its Brooklyn roots and expand across New York, and eventually further. The pleasant surprise was, and still is, the new relationships that unfolded as the community grew and a greater family came to being.

So many talented people play a role in making The Yard what it is, and there are so many factors in creating an environment that speaks to companies from completely different industries. Especially the interior design and the balance of a productive workday and a lively community.

Art That Ties a Community Together

In comes Vargas-Suarez. We were fortunate to have crossed paths with Vargas-Suarez through our art curator, Lee Wells. Richard and I had been looking for someone to replace the original mural we had at our first location, Williamsburg. We were really torn because the mural was painted directly on the wall, and there was no easy way that we could preserve it.

We discussed the importance of not repeating our past mistake, and the three of us had a quick brainstorming session on mediums to use for our next mural. I’d say we instantly hit it off. Over the course of the next few weeks, I visited him in the studio and soaked in his artistic process. He actually finished the piece on-site at The Yard. And across twelve wood panels, we had our new mural.

Vargas-Suarez Universal, Painting The Yard with Inspiration

It is rare to find an artist with such commitment, talent, and an entrepreneurial spirit all rolled into one. But that’s Vargas-Suarez. He was very clear on his vision and was committed to keeping the space looking fresh while getting his work done expeditiously. It is art after all, and some things can’t be rushed.


Vargas-Suarez Universal’s art installation at The Yard Herald Square.

Fast forward three years and three magnificent art installations later, and we still use the same oversized panels that Vargas-Suarez decided on originally. I can honestly say that Vargas-Suarez’s work is something I look forward to when I visit each location, and the feedback I hear from our members is this tremendous feeling they get from seeing his work and experiencing it in the space.

I am forever grateful to Vargas-Suarez for putting his soul into the works that hang at The Yard.