On-Call Doctors in Brooklyn at The Yard!

May 7, 2019/ by Olivia Ramirez

Have you ever struggled with rushing across town to get to your doctor’s office when you’re already feeling terrible? Or maybe you need a vaccine for a trip, but you’re also stressing about ticking off your pre-vaca to-do list.

That’s where The Yard‘s new partner Leaa comes in. Leaa was formed by a team of medical providers who are reinventing the industry by bringing the doctor’s office to the patient. Through our new partnership, members of The Yard’s Brooklyn locations can opt into a Leaa membership for just $20/month (typically $229/month) to gain access to in-office doctor’s visits, telehealth visits via phone and video calls, and an array of complimentary and discounted medical services.


How The On-Call Doctors Perk Works

When members of The Yard sign up with Leaa for the discounted rate of $20/month, they will have access to an annual physical, a monthly urgent care or primary care visit, a monthly telehealth visit, medical advice through Leaa’s chat platform, and services like sonograms and bloodwork at the office or at home. They will also receive heavy discounts on IV drips, vitamin drips and vitamin boosters, diagnostic tests, laceration repairs, and other services.

Leaa logo and doctorsNot only will members of The Yard get more convenient medical service at the time and place that’s right for them, but they can also take advantage of quicker processes that shouldn’t always require a doctor’s visit (but oftentimes do). For example, they can get refills of chronic medications with a quick 2-minute telemedicine call, free delivery of medications to The Yard, flu tests and vaccines in the office, and more.

Wellness Kick-Off Events With Leaa

To kick off our partnership, the Leaa team is visiting The Yard’s locations during the week of May 6th to provide complimentary IV drips, free B-12 shots, and healthy juices. Members will have the opportunity to learn more about this custom offering and how they can improve their wellness while saving valuable time in the office and at home.

Members of The Yard who are interested in signing up for a membership with Leaa should chat with their community managers to learn about next steps. In the meantime, take a look at everything Leaa has to offer here.

We’re thrilled to provide our members with this unique opportunity to enhance their wellness experience in the office and at home. Keep a lookout for more partnership news at The Yard to be announced our blog.

We hope to introduce YOU to the Leaa team soon!