Propeller Fest: Meeting of the Minds!

May 27, 2016/ by Olivia Ramirez

Last week, The Yard was thrilled to participate in the first annual Propeller Fest. It was a beautiful day on Pier A in Hoboken, where some of the most innovative tech companies and startups in NYC put their minds together!  

The setting was ripe for a full day of “inspiration, education, and fun”. Propeller Fest didn’t fail to impress with its breathtaking view of Manhattan, top-notch lineup of speakers, and a selfie-taking blimp. That’s right- a blimp!

Gary Vaynerchuck: Honest Advice at Propeller

The day kicked off with the always entertaining and enlightening Gary VaynerchuckGary began his fireside chat by giving the crowd an unapologetic serving of “humble pie”. Not one to sugarcoat, he reminded attendees that just because you call yourself an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you are one. “You might talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?” Gary’s philosophy is that you reap what you sow. That means if you’re vacationing every other week, shutting down at 5pm each day, and checking out for the whole weekend, you’re not really entitled to question why your ventures aren’t taking off. Not to be confused with a cynic, Gary made it clear that he wants everyone to be successful and live their happiest life, but in order to achieve your biggest dreams you have to put in work at 110%! 

Uber: Making Strides for Driving Safety Standards

Later in the day, we heard from Uber‘s General Manager of New Jersey, Ana Mahony, on the latest happenings with the app that took cities by storm. Uber has been working closely with NJ State Police on campaigns to prevent driving under the influence, and they’ve been extremely successful. In the past year, there was not a single DUI reported in the New Jersey towns where Uber is active. We are so inspired by the initiatives taken by Uber, and we’re so honored that the Uber app first came to being at The Yard Williamsburg! Here’s to making big things happen, Yard alum!

The Yard closed out the day with newfound insights, a couple of well-worth-it sunburns, and a whole lot of inspiration! To say the least, the Propeller Fest experience was an unforgettable one.