‘Self Alive’ at The Yard: South Williamsburg

January 31, 2019/ by Olivia Ramirez

On February 8th from 6-8pm, we’re celebrating the third art exhibit to hit our newest space, The Yard: South Williamsburg. Self Alive features works by Jean Rim, Katie Hector, and Tomo Mori, curated by Deborah Oster Pannell.

The exhibit features paintings and textile art spanning two floors at The Yard. Each of the artists’ works poke playfully at the concept of identity as it relates to their perceived experiences with culture and history. Together, the pieces complement and support one another in their exploration of self – and of color.

To join us for the opening reception on February 8th, send us a note at events@theyard.com.

About the Artists

Jean Rim

Jean Rim carves through multi-colored layers of dried paint to create intricately patterned compositions of shimmering, psychedelic waves, evoking the scales of a mermaid, or rows of cells. Her geometric meditations on memory and emotion juxtapose the playfulness of candy with the weight of geological layers, visceral reminders of the complexity of personal history.

the_yard_south_williamsburg-coworking_brooklyn-SA Rim Group3 Manifesting

Jean Rim, Manifesting

Katie Hector

In her abstract FOMO series, Katie Hector explores the “Fear of Missing Out,” a modern state of anxious agitation made worse by the daily onslaught of social media representations of other people’s activities. Centering her pieces around the repetitive use of two oval shapes that could be eyes, or a mask, Hector explores a world that we relate to through our cell phones, distanced from our own experience by technology and constant comparison to others.

the_yard_south_williamsburg-coworking_brooklyn-KH FOMO Pink, Green, and Gold

Katie Hector, Pink, Green, and Gold

Tomo Mori

In her latest series of three-dimensional work, Tomo Mori fashions hand-made ropes created from discarded clothing into complex sculptures embodying the essence of connection. The texture of the fabrics combined with her choice of colors evoke the presence of warmth during difficult times, and the persistent connections between parent and child, between fellow human beings, between all of us.

Last spring, we were honored to have another series of works by Tomo Mori on view at The Yard: City Hall Park. Read about her previous show here.

A Few Words From Deborah Oster Pannell

In this era of cultural, political, and planetary instability, I’ve become increasingly aware of the significance of individual voices, grounded firmly through an internal sense of self. At a time when “truth” has become a relative term, the need to be able to trust one’s gut becomes critical to our ability to survive and thrive as human beings. The trio of artists I’ve chosen for “Self Alive,” the new show at The Yard: South Williamsburg, explores aspects of self as they relate to personal history, relationship to the outside world, and the unique bond between parent and child. Taken together, their work offers a multi-faceted view of the complex balancing act of establishing personal identity in the modern world.

Special thanks to Deborah Oster Pannell for bringing this exciting exhibit to The Yard. Self Alive is sure to provide inspiration for our community, spark creativity, and shed light on these incredibly talented artists.

This exhibit is part of The Yard Art Program, which features seasonally rotating art exhibits and permanent collections across The Yard’s locations. You can read more about our current exhibits on our blog.