Slow Silent Art Night With Erik Otto

September 16, 2016/ by Olivia Ramirez

All of The Yard’s locations act as living art galleries with carefully curated artwork from an eclectic mix of international artists. Next week, The Yard: Williamsburg will be transformed by the recent works of San Francisco artist Erik Otto.

Erik Otto Art Opening at The Yard: Williamsburg

Erik Otto The Yard Williamsburg coworking private offices brooklyn

Ride It Out by Erik Otto

The art opening will take place from 6-9pm on Thursday September 15th, beginning with fifteen minutes of silent, meditative admiration. Then, attendees will share their individual experiences and explore the artwork’s personal significance. The silent observation encourages a focus on the art and the art of seeing.

Conceptual Art

Erik’s work is a discovery of the unknown. Exploring life’s constant quest of being and becoming. Fleeting moments of change and discovery are depicted and reinvented, continually utilizing a variety of materials spanning from traditional paintings to mixed-media sculptures and installations.

Erik Otto The Yard Williamsburg coworking private offices brooklyn

Fusion by Erik Otto

An Inspiring Workplace for Coworkers and Entrepreneurs

At The Yard, we love cultivating an environment conducive to a productive workplace with positive energy. Our resident artists and curators carefully select art that is impressive, uplifting and enduring. We are ecstatic to welcome the Erik’s works into the Williamsburg space, where members can enjoy and reflect on his pieces’ vibrant, fantastical concepts day in and day out.

Members of The Yard can RSVP to “Slow Silent Art Night” in The BackYard.