Space is the Place at The Yard

May 15, 2019/ by Olivia Ramirez

On Wednesday, May 15th from 6-8PM, we’ll be toasting to a new exhibition, titled Space is the Place, at The Yard: South Williamsburg. Curated by Deborah Oster Pannell, the collection pulls together works from artists Harold Olejarz, Cathy Condon, and Kristin Reed.

The show combines painting, graphic design, and photography in a two-floor exhibition that is must-see. Come see the pieces up close tonight, and get the opportunity to chat with the artists about their work. To attend, simply send us a note at

About the Artists

Harold Olejarz’s pinwheel compositions explore vision and memory through the kaleidoscopic repetition of images of urban settings, rendering dreamy impressions of some of New York City’s most iconic art institutions and cultural sites.


Art by Harold Olejarz

Art by Harold Olejarz

Cathy Condon’s explorations of the seen and unseen are inhabited by impressions of the people and places she’s come to know and memories of past inhabitants she’s conjured since she moved to New York City from her native Australia.

Kristin Reed’s paintings journey into realms of human consciousness in the micro and macro universes, providing both an energetic and geometric framework for the entire exhibition.

A Few Words From The Curator

Space is the Place juxtaposes the multiple levels of existence we experience as New York City residents, through both the photographer’s lens and the painter’s eye. From the physical to the spiritual to the cosmic, this exhibition offers an opportunity to experience the shared energies of modern living through the spaces and places we occupy together.

Artwork by Cathy Condon

Art by Cathy Condon

Special thanks to Deborah Oster Pannell for bringing such a brilliant collection to The Yard. Regardless of the artists’ chosen mediums, these pieces exist so seamlessly collectively and breathe inspiration throughout our coworking space. We’re looking forward to spending these next few months working alongside such inspiring innovations in creativity.

This exhibition is part of The Yard Art Program, which features seasonally rotating art exhibitions and permanent collections across The Yard’s locations. You can read more about our current exhibitions on our blog.