Spotlight: Staci Anderson of SWELL

June 29, 2018/ by Jayna Fey, Producer at Rory Creative

We spoke with member of The Yard: Center City in Philadelphia, Staci Anderson, Creative Director at SWELL, to see how her team channels inspiration from community and a fabulous brand presence to make their clients’ businesses glow. SWELL is a marketing strategy and implementation company whose mission is to make a real and lasting impact on their clients’​ businesses and make them proud.

What do you love about The Yard?

The Yard is an aesthetically well-designed space. While it feels very much like a professional setting, there is a definite eye for design that makes it conducive for our creative team.

Plus – roof deck.

Staci Anderson in her office at The Yard: Center City 

What does community mean to you and your business?

Being a small business owner means there’s always more to learn, and other business owners are often the best teachers. Sharing resources, experiences, and advice makes us all better at what we do regardless of industry or background. I am always eager for opportunities to trade insights with other business owners. Our door is always open (unless we’re on a conference call, in which case, it’s closed so we don’t bother you).

Why did you choose to grow your company in a coworking space?

The flexibility and convenience of a coworking space is tough to beat. As we grow, adding space is seamless. The simplicity allows us to focus on our business, rather than dealing with the distraction of searching for new space, moving, and all of the headaches that come along with a move. On a day-to-day basis, being able to delegate the logistics associated with an office space also allows us to focus on our business, which is especially valuable for my partner and myself who are not always local.

Clutter is a sign of genius. True or False?

Absolutely false. I can’t think of anything more false.

How do you show your personality through your office decor?

From my very first day of my very first job, I have had a photo (or bobble head or trading card or jersey or all of the above) of Allen Iverson at my desk. I’m of course a fan, but I’ve always identified with the “little guy” who wins games by being fiercely determined (and stepping over anything that’s in the way).  At some point in our lives, we will likely be best friends.



Staci is a big fan of Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers and keeps his trading card or other swag in her office as inspiration.

Where do you spend most of your time when you’re not at The Yard?

I live in Kennett Square, PA, which is decidedly not close to The Yard. But, I love my home and I love my office, so three hours in the car isn’t nearly as painful as it sounds. Plus, it means that I am always 100% up to date on everything my mom did, saw, ate, thought, or talked about on any given day (and vice versa).

SWELL uses the color orange to amplify their branding and make their office warm and inviting!

What are your favorite nearby spots for the usuals (coffee breaks, happy hours, parks and relaxation)?

Double Knot is the Swiss Army knife of nearby spots. It does everything well – from coffee to lunch to happy hour. I once hit all three in one day. It was an awesome day. Grocery is my favorite place to pick up a quick lunch (assuming I can make up my mind quickly). Open House and Shibe Vintage Sports are conveniently/dangerously close for a retail therapy break.


Special thanks to Staci Anderson for sharing her insights on what inspires her visionary team each day – and her favorite spots in Philly!


This post was written by Jayna Fey, Producer at creative consultancy Rory Creative and member of coworking space The Yard: Center City. Read about The Yard’s story here