The Beach in Winter at The Yard

February 1, 2019/ by Olivia Ramirez

There’s nothing quite like a serenely quiet beach on a chill winter’s day. For our next art show at The Yard: Williamsburg, curator Kirstin Lamb is bringing us just that.

Join us on February 7th from 5:30-7:30PM to view The Beach in Winter by Rhode Island artists Wendyll Brown and Karen Philippi. Together, let’s wade into the transformation of our space as we experience these nostalgically evocative pieces, which remind us of the cool tranquility and homeliness of the beach in winter. To RSVP, simply send us a note at

A Note From the Curator

In a place where the coastline dominates, it is no surprise that many artists, and specifically painters, from the Luminists to present, seek out the particular light and shores of the smallest state, Rhode Island. Both artists in this show take the bay, the ocean, the coast, and our relationship to the shore as a focus of their works, making abstracted, meditative, and lush images that have as much to say about the experience of viewing them as they do of the beach.

We bring Karen Philippi’s photographs and Wendyll Brown’s paintings of the Rhode Island coast and ocean to Brooklyn this winter, to both bring landscape inside for winter, but also to keep the quiet and meditative blues and grays of the season alive inside The Yard: Williamsburg.


Wendyll Brown, Hurricane Barrier

About Wendyll Brown

Wendyll Brown takes the expanse of the bay, the flood plain, or hurricane barrier and arranges the structures and visual spaces as pattern. For Wendyll the space of a canvas is a place to be diagrammed, dissected and re-partitioned, until the space itself speaks and makes visual sense. Wendyll is devoted to layering, a special care placed in surface, and an almost constant editing and re-finishing. Finish and complete are always to be negotiated in her studio, so it follows that a subject like the relentless pull of the ocean would suit her painting practice.

Wendyll also rows RI bays and waterways almost every morning in season, so the paintings come from a particular knowledge of the coastline and its vagaries. It is a coastline constantly in revision, one that Wendyll follows with her own edits and painterly adjustments.

About Karen Philippi

Karen Philippi works directly in the water, mostly in the warmer months, chasing the abstractions of crashing waves with her camera. She is literally in the surf, making each image, a new position from which to contemplate the sublimity of the ocean. Frequently the waves melt into the film and fuzz of a foggy morning or the loss of focus of the movement of the water at the churning point of the surf.



Art by Karen Philippi

Philippi cultivates these moments, making sure she pulls the abstraction of the water out of the subject, much like a painter.


Special thanks to Kirstin Lamb for bringing this fantastic exhibit to The Yard. The recent days have been the coldest of the season, and we know these photographs and paintings will warm our hearts while reminding us of the beauty that winter brings along with it.

This exhibit is part of The Yard Art Program, which features seasonally rotating art exhibits and permanent collections across The Yard’s locations. You can read more about our current exhibits on our blog.