A Visit to The Earth Room

September 23, 2016/ by Emily Anghel

From some of the world’s best restaurants to an endless list of one of a kind activities, New York truly has something for everyone. The Yard’s coworkers and entrepreneurs value the unique, thought-provoking experiences that the city has to offer, and I absolutely love sharing my neighborhood discoveries with them. Last week, I explored The New York Earth Room, a timeless, hidden gem that showcases “earth” as art.

Art Installations Behind NYC’s Closed Doors

The New York Earth Room is an art installation by Walter de Maria at 141 Wooster Street. When I arrived at the address, I was caught off guard by the apartment building located there. Don’t let the facade fool you. The Earth Room sits unassumingly on the first floor, enjoying the stabilized rent its had since 1977. That’s right, this installation has been around since the 1970s.

Earth Room The Yard Lower East Side private offices

“The Earth Room” by Walter de Maria

Once I was buzzed in, I feasted my eyes on 280,000 pounds of earth. The smell was pungent and the air was thick, but there was something very calming about the space. Humans are surrounded by earth every day, but this exhibit presents a new way of experiencing it.

Earth Room The Yard Lower East Side private offices

“The Earth Room” by Walter de Maria

As I was leaving the space, the receptionist let me in on a “secret”. She said that there was another Walter de Maria art installation just a few blocks away – one that most people don’t even know about!

Unique Experiences for New York City’s Coworkers

The Broken Kilometer is located at 393 W. Broadway, and you can’t miss it. The building has a huge window in the front, making it easy to catch sight of the installation from the outside. From the moment I walked inside to the moment I left, I was speechless. The installation consists of 500 brass rods in parallel rows. The pattern creates an illusion that plays tricks on your eyes. I admired The Broken Kilometer in complete silence and in awe at de Maria’s creative genius.

Earth Room The Yard Lower East Side private offices downtown

“The Broken Kilometer” by Walter de Maria

The Earth Room and The Broken Kilometer left me with a newfound appreciation for New York’s hidden treasures. Walter de Maria’s art installations are perfect for a unique weekend adventure, and they’re a great way to impress your friends with a little known New York City secret. I know I’ll be going back soon!