The Future is Female Art Show

December 5, 2018/ by Olivia Ramirez

On Monday, December 10th, we’re hosting an art opening reception for a new exhibit at The Yard: Lincoln Square. Curated by our members Alpha’aThe Future is Female: Women Artists From KURA features works by artists Carolina Gómez Diaz, Patricia Carparelli, Renata Salles, and Rizza.

At the opening reception, attendees will have the opportunity to explore two floors of art by these four artists while connecting with locals in our community. To RSVP, simply send us a note at

We love welcoming new art to our spaces each season and can’t wait to introduce this new show to you!

About The Artists

Carolina Gómez Diaz

Carolina Gómez Diaz‘s art possesses recurrent crossings with her training as a jeweler. In 2001 she conducted studies in jewelry, through which her interest in color, the glare, reflections, and meaningful composition blossomed. Later, as she continued her studies in aesthetics and contemporary art, she redirected her work to explore the possibilities between the craft of jewelry and painting as a single, unified art form.

It was quite the powerful combination.


Art by Carolina Gómez Diaz

Patricia Carparelli

Patricia Carparelli uses oil on canvas to paint abstract narratives that are soothing to the eye and stimulating to the mind. Her use of predominantly pastel colors throughout the series creates space for feelings of warm nostalgia, particularly evoking thoughts of childhood and the freedoms associated with it, combined with the ease of forward motion and maturity.


Art by Patricia Carparelli


Renata Salles

Renata Salles was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and now lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. Her work includes paintings on canvas, digital works, photography, and collages. Her paintings are vibrantly geometric and evocative, leaving much to the viewers’ imagination and resulting in great satisfaction in her use of bold colors and defining lines.

the_future_is_female-Renata_Salles-alphaa-the_yard_lincoln_square-coworking_midtown_manhattan copy

Art by Renata Salles


In the process of seeking self-knowledge, Rizza realized that she could deepen awareness through photography. The attributes of stillness, absolute silence, and meditation have become essential for the creation of her imagery, which aims to eternalize the experimental nature of her working process as she interacts with a plural entity.

the_future_is_female-the_yard_lincoln_square-rizza-coworking_midtown_nyc copy

Art by Rizza

We love having The Future is Female presented in our space and are so happy to support these innovative women artists. Special thanks to Alpha’a and KURA for collaborating on such an incredible show!

This exhibit is part of The Yard Art Program, which features seasonally rotating art exhibits and permanent collections across The Yard’s locations. You can read more about our current exhibits on our blog.