Mister Sunday’s Party Producers

August 23, 2016/ by Olivia Ramirez

We spoke with Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter, the masterminds behind Mister Sunday, an all day outdoors dance party taking place every Sunday at Nowadays. Mister Sunday is a unique experience open to people of all ages. Bring your friends, your family and your dog, and dance those Sunday blues away.

What inspired you to create such a unique party attractive to people of all ages?

We were inspired by the parties we went to when we both started getting into dance music, namely Body & Soul for Justin here in New York and Optimo in Glasgow for me when I was living back in the UK. Both of these parties were diverse musically, but they were also incredibly diverse in terms of the kinds of people who turned up each week. There was a real sense of community being formed because of the existence of these parties. A community that otherwise would not have existed. That’s the power of dance parties and that’s the basis of our inspiration. So when we started, we set out to establish the conditions for that to happen with the Mister parties and for Mister Sunday specifically. Given it’s a day time thing, it made sense to extend that diversity to children and families.

mister sunday The Yard coworking space private offices NYC Philly Boston Washington DC

Justin Carter & Eamon Harkin DJing at Mister Sunday. Photo Credit: Marshall McDonald

What was the most challenging aspect of expanding your record label into a recurring party experience?

We actually started the party first. The label didn’t happen for a few years after the party was established. But in terms of challenges, the single greatest challenge we’ve always had has been about holding onto a home for what we do. This is why we put so much energy into finding a space and building Nowadays, and now it’s here and we’re making it happen.

mister sunday The Yard coworking space private offices NYC Philly Boston Washington DC

Eamon Harkin & Justin Carter at Nowadays. Photo Credit: Natalie Keyssar

While developing Mister Sunday and Nowadays, did you have any moments where someone challenged your idea and inspired you to make big changes?

I think the biggest challenge to our idea of how the party should work came back when we were doing it in a traditional club environment in Manhattan. That experience made us realize that in order to create the type of experience we had in mind, we needed to take complete control of the operation of the parties – from security to drink prices to location to sound system design and, of course, the music being played. It was a big undertaking, but it allowed us to build something much bigger and more meaningful as a result.

We love the originality behind the concept of Mister Sunday, and we’re excited to share this awesome experience with our community. In the upcoming months, members of The Yard have the opportunity to win tickets to Mister Sunday. For more information, members can check out the Events page on The BackYard.