The Storefront for Art and Architecture!

December 15, 2015/ by Michaeline Sander

A few weeks ago my husband and I had a chance to go inside the intriguing Storefront for Art and Architecture. From the outside it always looked so interesting to me with windows and doors jutting in and out in such an unusual way. The building design looks simple at first glance with its minimal use of materials, but the more you stop and look at it, the more complex it becomes. There is something temporary and transient about it, but that’s what makes it fit in and stand out, all at the same time, in such a bustling city. It brings the outside world in and let’s pedestrians peek into what is going on.

Located at 97 Kenmare Street on a corner where three neighborhoods intersect- Chinatown, Little Italy and SoHo- this unique space is hard to miss. You probably walked by it a number of times but never knew quite what it was. The space is not only a rotating art gallery for artists and architects, but they also sell books on these subjects, have guest speakers, film screenings and more. It is a space that breaks down the boundaries between many different fields by representing them all and finding the ways in which they intersect. Here is a great article on the space.

Currently on display until December 19th (get there soon!), is a great art installation called Jamming Bodies Laboratory. There is one object that looks like a giant L-shaped air mattress constantly inflating while a second one is constantly deflating. It takes about an hour for one of them to go through the complete cycle, and then they switch. The fun part about this installation is that you as the visitor become a part of the art – you become the body that affects the way the art looks and is perceived in the space. You change or alter the way it is inflating or deflating, and the installation becomes interactive.

storefront for art The Yard Lower East Side private offices downtown nyc

storefront for art The Yard Lower East Side private offices downtown nyc

This is definitely a great space to check out, and it’s just a short walk from The Yard: Lower East Side! This neighborhood is full of wonderful spots to explore – why not go out on your lunch break and see what you’ve been missing!