The Yard Gets Unsettled in Colombia

May 8, 2017/ by Olivia Ramirez

The Yard is excited to send two members of the community to Medellín, Colombia with our partner Unsettled! Together, they will experience the remote work opportunity of a lifetime.



Coworkers at The Yard will embark on a remote work experience in Medellín, Colombia with Unsettled! Photo Courtesy of Unsettled

About Unsettled in Colombia

Unsettled brings together 25 people from creative and entrepreneurial backgrounds to live, work and explore Medellín for 30 days. The Unsettled experience is designed to offer you an intentional break from your routine, and the space to find inspiration, build new relationships and develop new ideas. A month with Unsettled is about embracing the unknown, and living the best version of yourself with an incredible community of peers.


Photo Courtesy of Unsettled

Empanadas at The Yard

At The Yard, we cherish our vibrant community and encourage them to make big leaps professionally and personally. Just a few weeks ago, we were thrilled to welcome Jonathan Kalan, Founder of Unsettled, to The Yard: Williamsburg to share information about the upcoming program in Medellín and to tell us about his journey in turning his passion into his career. To fit the Medellín theme, we snacked on empanadas while chatting with Jonathan. Members left the conversation with newfound inspiration, plus knowledge of soon to be announced trips!