Tomo Mori at The Yard: City Hall Park

November 1, 2017/ by Olivia Ramirez

On November 9th, we’re celebrating a new art exhibit titled “Search for Warmth” by Tomo Mori at The Yard: City Hall Park. This solo exhibition, curated by Porter Advisory, will run through April 13, 2018.

About the Exhibit

Tomo Mori’s work explores her experiences and challenges as a woman and as an immigrant. With feelings of voiceless imperfection she sorts through broken pieces of canvas to create transformative works of art with detailed craftsmanship. She utilizes the imperfection of broken shapes to create mosaic-like collage works that contain a liveliness of movement all their own, the details of which you can see in her piece The Wheel.



The Wheel by Tomo Mori

In her most recent work, Kimono Soul (featured above), she chooses ropes for their ancient and universal quality as the material to represent human connection. Each rope is made by hand with old clothes and donated t-shirts to create a garment with a long history of family tradition representing a woman’s soul.



Our Little People by Tomo Mori

Search for Warmth is made complete by linking the exhibition through a series of small sculptures entitled Our Little People. The series, inspired by images of a toddler hiding under a blanket, gives shelter from the dysfunctional adult world and a sense of warmth and safety to each viewer who peeks inside.

About the Artist

Tomo Mori is a Japanese native, mixed media/installation artist who lives and works in West
Harlem, New York City. Her signature works are mosaic-like canvas collage pieces composed
of thousands of painted canvas bits that are cut and pasted one by one. Tomo also works with
recycled fabric, laminated glass and metal.



Special thanks to Porter Advisory and Tomo Mori. We’re thrilled to welcome these stunning pieces to The Yard: City Hall Park!