Tonight at The Yard LES: Art Reception

January 13, 2016/ by Tara M. F. Leavitt

Continuing a rotating series of exhibitions, The Yard presents two exhibitions at 85 Delancey St: “Paintings & Geometrix” by Matthias Maier & “Yosemite Adventures” by Alisha Siegel, art reception curated by Andy P. Smith and Sourced Adventures.


art reception Matthias_Maier-The_Yard_Midtown_village-coworking_philadelphia-offices_center_city

Art reception at The Yard: Lower East Side

“Yosemite Adventures” by Alisha Siegel

From the artist: You never know what’s around the bend unless you go. It’s the motto I carry with me throughout all my travels. My photography depicts the endless traveler in all of us and the sheer beauty that exists once you turn off and tune in to the beautiful world that exists all around us.

“Paintings & Geometrix” by Matthias Maier

Matthias Maier (b.1967) grew up in Germany’s Black Forest and Milan, Italy. He is now based in Basel, Switzerland and frequents New York City. The artist will be present at the reception.

From the artist: “My paintings tell stories of the way we live our lives, in patterns, through filters, according to plans we make and adjust later. In Geometrix, I bring sections of floral photographs into geometric patterns by repeating them and giving the original image a complete new meaning.”

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