True Story: Sandi Marx & Frank Ruy

May 17, 2019/ by Olivia Ramirez

So, here’s a story.

In 2017, Sandi Marx told a story to eager audience members at The Yard‘s first storytelling event, hosted by Dawn J. Fraser. After wowing everyone with her unforgiving humor and candid authenticity, Sandi connected with fellow storyteller Frank Ruy, member of The Yard’s community and filmmaker by profession.

That night, an incredible collaboration commenced.

Since they met almost two years ago, Frank has been working on a documentary film to explore the development of Sandi’s fascinating career, how she bulldozes through life’s big challenges, and what inspires her to live in the limelight. If you haven’t had the privilege of hearing Sandi perform yet, you’re in for a treat.

To give you some background, Sandi found her true calling in New York’s live storytelling scene after retiring from her career as a talent agent. Her newfound craft has led her to sharing stories about navigating love after divorce, getting sidelined by diverticulitis, battling attacks of lupus, and raising her son and twin daughters (who at birth were a combined weight of 5 pounds). Sandi’s charm comes from her openness to spill everything, from honest feelings about her ex-husband to an unexpected encounter with a colostomy bag.

Let’s be real. We love the oversharing and what Sandi’s doing to break down boundaries. (Did we mention she’s a seven-time Moth StorySLAM champion?)

Sandi Marx at Joe's Pub

Sandi Marx Performing at Joe’s Pub

Frank’s documentary is sure to bring audiences even deeper into Sandi’s life, and we can’t wait. Get a glimpse of the inspiration behind the project from Frank’s interview in Brooklyn Magazine.

Sandi Marx Performs at Joe’s Pub

Last week, we attended Sandi’s solo storytelling show, co-produced by Frank, at the prestigious (and packed) Joe’s Pub. The show was a milestone for Sandi, who had never performed at the venue before, and, unsurprisingly, was a huge success!

The evening was full of laughter, especially as Sandi and special guest David Crabb poked fun at bodily functions while guests indulged in their dinners. Among those guests included Sandi’s children, her friends, and even her surgeon.

Huge congrats to Sandi on taking her storytelling career to new heights. We can’t wait to see what’s next as her stories take us by storm on the stage – and soon also on the big screen!


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