Why Did Uber Change Their Logo?

February 3, 2016/ by Tara M. F. Leavitt

Did you notice anything different today? Is there a new Uber app on your phone?

Millions of users world-wide will experience a change today: Uber has a new logo.

“The company updated its logo, and new rider- and partner-app icons reflect the individuality of Uber’s local markets. In place of black, gray, and blue, Uber is embracing bright colors, and lots of them. Each of 65 launch countries will receive a toolbox of new brand assets that include tailored colors and patterns, new midcentury modern illustrations, and guidelines for photography. Uber hopes to develop a more flexible brand that can grow with the company as it develops new products and attracts new customers.” – WIRED.com

And really, this is all the work of CEO Travis Kalanick…

What do you think? Love it? Hate it?

As members of NYC coworking spaces, commuting to your offices at Flatiron or Lower East Side, you’re probably pretty busy: Do you even care what Uber’s logo is?