Winter Art Show at The Yard in DC

December 7, 2018/ by Olivia Ramirez

At The Yard: Eastern Market, we are so excited to welcome a new art show featuring works by Eleanor Kotlarik Wang, Freda Lee-McCann, and Nicole Ida Fossi, curated by Studio Gallery DC. While the collection is vibrantly diverse, the artists’ works are particularly unified by way of their surreal interpretations of our natural world, specifically of nature, humankind, and the spirits or energy that exist between them. We are thrilled to have this exciting art show at The Yard in DC.

We are looking forward to celebrating the new works with an opening reception in January of 2019. Check back later this month to learn about the event and how you can attend.

About the Artists

Eleanor Kotlarik Wang

Eleanor Kotlarik Wang believes that everything in the universe is endowed with a spirit or energy. As an artist, she tries to capture the essence of this spirit in her images. She observes, senses, and reacts to her subject and her own mark-making. She is intuitive in this approach to capture the subject. She also thinks of her works as rhythmic explorations. She uses gestural lines interwoven with the ground and paints surfaces to to create a sense of immediacy and depth in the developing image.


Eleanor Kotlarik Wang, Cloud Hands I

Freda Lee-McCann

Freda Lee-McCann has a special love for Mountains, which have been a traditional subject for Chinese landscape paintings since the eleventh century. Painting these “bones of the earth” has provided her with a joy and endless fascination both with the paintings themselves and with the connection they have to her heritage.

art_show_at_the_yard_in_dc-Longing for Home, Freda Lee-McCann (1)-the_yard_eastern_market-coworking_dc

Freda Lee McCann, Longing for Home

For over twenty years she studied with the Master C. C. Wang until his death in 2003. Mr. Wang taught her about Chinese landscape painting and the brushwork upon which it is based. Since 2003 she has begun to develop her own style by merging some of the Western tradition for colors and the black ink brushwork of traditional Chinese paintings. The use of colors has given her an additional dimension through which she can create stronger, emotional content while still retaining the traditional character of the work.

Nicole Ida Fossi

Nicole Ida Fossi is a multimedia artist with a focus on large-scale oil painting. After growing up in New Orleans and Washington, DC, Nicole earned a BA in Art History & Visual Arts at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME. She returned to DC after graduating in 2013. Though her main focus is oil painting, she is also a trained silversmith and avid illustrator.


Nicole Ida Fossi, I’m Sorry My Breakdown Came at an Inconvenient Time For You

We love having such an illuminating art show at The Yard in DC and are so excited to see how these pieces will inspire us into the new year. Special thanks to Studio Gallery DC for curating the collection for our community.

This exhibit is part of The Yard Art Program, which features seasonally rotating art exhibits and permanent collections across The Yard’s locations. You can read more about our current exhibits on our blog.