Zero Days at The Yard

July 5, 2016/ by Babs Schneider

This Wednesday, The Yard: Herald Square is hosting a special screening of “Zero Days“. This brand new documentary from Oscar-winning Director Alex Gibney is set to hit the theaters this Friday!

A Tech Thriller for Entrepreneurs and Coworkers

This film is a gripping lesson on the malevolent computer worm “Stuxnet” that was developed by Israel and the U.S. to subvert the Iranian nuclear program. The film follows a similar blueprint to Frankenstein as Struxnet’s creators become less and less able to control it. When it becomes clear that Israel and the U.S. never fully confirmed that they created Stuxnet, the question is “Why?”.

An eerie narrator introduces the film with, “Our entire power supply can be cut off. Our systems can be taken over. Hospitals deprived of power would cease to function. It’s not if, it’s when.” If that doesn’t hook you, maybe the fact that Gibney has five Emmys and one Oscar under his belt will!

A Community of Businesses With Shared Curiosity

Zero Days is recommended for those fascinated by tech, thrillers, Mr. Robot, and, of course, politically-minded individuals. It’s safe to say our community has more than a few of each!┬áPlus, we love a good excuse to impress our friends with insider knowledge of a film not yet released to the public. Live-tweeting is encouraged, but don’t say we didn’t warn you about Stuxnet!

We can’t wait to share news of more film screenings we have lined up for this summer! Stay tuned!