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Become a Partner Through Our Broker Referral Program.

We welcome entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes at The Yard. To increase transparency of our relationship with brokers and the commissions fees paid out, please read the below and reach out for any further information or to visit locations and learn more about current availabilities.

Broker Referral Commission Structure

Special Offer For The Yard: Midtown Village in Center City, Philadelphia

  • 18% commission on 18 desks or less for up to 12 months.
  • 25% commission on 19 desks or more for up to 12 months.
  • 2% commission for months 13-36.
  • All commission is payable on receipt of rent from the member.

This program will run until September 30th, 2017.

Referral Program for All Other Locations

  • 10% commission for the first 12 months.
  • 2% commission for months 13-36, regardless of size.

Commission will reflect actual fees paid. If your client increases in size at The Yard, the commission will reflect those changes.


How will my clients interact with The Yard?

Brokers will be accompanied by a community manager on your client’s tour of The Yard to answer any questions on site. Once your client joins as a member, their location’s community manager will be a daily resource for them, but you will still own your relations with your client and can contact your client about their office needs at any time.

How will I receive my commission?

After your referral joins as a member of The Yard, you will receive your commission by check upon receipt of your client’s rent.

If my client increases their office size will I still get paid?

Yes, you will be paid the commission at the increased amount.

Is commission available at all locations of The Yard?

Yes, we have broker commission available at all locations in New York City, Philadelphia, D.C. and Boston. Additionally our newer locations in Midtown Village, Philadelphia and City Hall Park, NYC currently have an increased broker program commission rate through September 30th, 2017.

Have additional questions? Speak with our team.