Current Exhibitions

Art Program: Current Exhibitions

Through our Art Program, The Yard works directly with local curators and galleries to support artists in each city and show rotating seasonal exhibitions at every coworking space location. All works in the rotating collection are for sale and the sales are handled directly through the galleries and curators. If you have any questions please contact our Head of Art Program, Michaeline Sander at for more information.

See our current art exhibits across NYC, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. below, and read about the artists on our blog.


Art Exhibitions in NYC

The Yard: Williamsburg Bridge

Rip Current: New Works by Ahna Serendren considers nature’s enduring power and how natural and often invisible forces impact our everyday lives. The exhibition, now on view is curated by Audra Lambert of ANTE and showcases 21 new paintings that incorporate materials such as sand, redwood duff, and charcoal along with oil and acrylic pigments. Within these textural abstractions, lines, colors, and forms drawn from the landscape intermingle with shapes present in the human body, suggesting our fundamental interconnectedness with the natural world.


Rip Current will be on view at The Yard: Williamsburg Bridge (195 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY) through July 10, 2022. Please stop by during business hours, Monday- Friday 10-4:30 PM to visit the show, or email Audra to set up a private appointment. For any inquiries please reach out to Audra at


Lateral Stroke, courtesy of the artist, Ahna Serendren

Lateral Stroke, courtesy of the artist, Ahna Serendren

The Yard: Gowanus

Porter Advisory presents a solo exhibition celebrating the works of artist Alison Scherr. This show opens on February 25, 2022, with a reception with the artist from 6 – 8 pm at The Yard: Gowanus.


“My work explores the themes of unspoken language through movement and layering of color. Like nature, my paintings have an element of the unfinished and spontaneous.” 

– Alison Scherr


Alison Scherr studied Fine Art at Syracuse University. She then worked for over 15 years as a prop stylist in New York City. These experiences enhanced her natural inclination to look beyond the expected. Now a full-time painter, Scherr often uses industrial materials as her canvas, juxtaposing them with natural graphic elements. She interprets the movement of light and patterns in nature, images unaltered by the human hand. Her work contains elements of the unfinished and abstract. 


This exhibition will be on display through May 27, 2022, at The Yard: Gowanus, 157 13th Street, Brooklyn, NY. Please stop by Monday – Friday, 10 am – 4:30 pm to visit on your own or reach out to the curator, Jessica Porter of Porter Advisory by emailing her at for any additional information. 



Artwork courtesy of the artist, Alison Scherr

Artwork courtesy of the artist, Alison Scherr


The Yard: Williamsburg

Sonja John Curatorial Projects and The Yard: Williamsburg are pleased to present Have You Eaten? a group show featuring 21 artists making work about and around food.

In Filipino and many other Asian languages, instead of asking “How are you?” one asks, “Have you eaten?” The phrase functions not only as a greeting, but also as an expression of care. How can access to food reflect on the existence or lack of care in our lives? When is a painting of a place setting about more than just dinner? How do our culinary traditions act as markers of community, memory, politics, identity, or difference?


When we talk about food, we are never simply talking about food. Meals can be a site of chaos or communion; each artist participating in this show has come hungry. So, have you eaten? Kumain ka na ba? Come and have a seat at our table.


The artists participating in Have You Eaten? are:
Abbi Kenny, Adina Andrus, Alexandra Antoine, Alexis Ward, Amy Wang, Anushka Divecha, Emily Bromberg, Heather Drayzen, Jen Angulo Salguero, Jeremy Sorese, Kari Langslet, Katherine Miranda, Katherine Verdict, Kristen Chiu, Lauryn (Red) Welch, Lori Larusso, Melanie Lan, Melissa Ling, Ray Hwang, Serena Hocharoen, Valery Estabrook.

Have You Eaten? will be on view at The Yard: Williamsburg, Floor 2 (33 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY) Monday -Friday 10 am – 4:30 pm from December 17, 2021 – the end of April 2022. Please reach out to the curator, Sonja John for a private tour at

Sauce by Jeremy Sorese

Sauce, courtesy of the artist, Jeremy Sorese

The Yard: Lower East Side

IFAC Arts and The Yard: Lower East Side presents Frank Shifreen’s recent paintings at 85 Delancey Street, at the corner of Orchard Street in NYC From April 10th, 2022 through Summer 2022.

Shifreen is a mature artist at the height of his creative powers who although not well known to the general public has been an activist painter, sculptor, set designer, curator, and organizer of art events for the last 40 years. 


His paintings are an accessible amalgam of abstraction and figuration drenched in color and light.  Shifreen is strongly intuitive and believes that paintings are a  conversation between the artist and his work. During his process forms-  people, objects, and landscapes will appear and disappear later to be resolved in complex synchrony. After health crises in recent years, Shifreen found new reserves of inner strength to create spectacular new paintings that are infused with radiance and structure. Shifreen recuperated on the beach in El Salvador and the blinding light of the tropical sun healed his body and mind. He found that he could store the light within him like a battery, and then create paintings that glow with the vibrant life force that generated them.  


Painting can be described as how light travels through the picture plane. All objects we now know are equivalent to the energy of the speed of light squared. Can this equation be translated into aesthetic realization?


Frank Shifreen: Ecstatic Color will be on display at The Yard: Lower East Side Floors 2-3 (85 Delancey Street, New York, NY) from April 10, 2022 – July 10, 2022. Please feel free to stop by and visit the show Monday – Friday 10:00 – 4:30 pm. There will be an Artist Reception on Thursday, May 26, 2022 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.


For all press inquiries or to inquire about a tour of the show, please contact Lee Wells:

646.863.1009 //

Man at Table courtesy of the artist, Frank Shifreen

Man at Table, courtesy of the artist, Frank Shifreen

The Yard: Flatiron South

Art strives on providing a new perspective. Adding much-needed texture, art often encourages the practice of fostering an updated way of viewing the world.

Seeking to do just that, Through Fresh Eyes is a group exhibition featuring three astute photographers who are dedicated to processing and interpreting the nuances of the world around them.


Showcasing works from Lyte Visuals, Diane Knarr, and Destiny Mata, each woman brings a unique aesthetic that contributes to the collective outlook on our surrounding environment. As human beings, we have an innate need to assess that in which we come into contact with. It is what we live for… Through Fresh Eyes is a renewal of what it means to be alive.


Curated by Akeem K. Duncan. | @akeemkduncan


Through Fresh Eyes is currently on display at The Yard: Flatiron South  (234 5th Avenue, floors 2-5), please stop by to see the show during business hours, Monday – Friday, 10 am – 4:30 pm. For inquiries and private appointments please reach out to Akeem at

Artwork by Destiny Mata

Artwork courtesy of the artist, Destiny Mata

The Yard: Flatiron North

The Spring Exhibition at The Yard Flatiron North features artists selected from See|Me’s recent exhibition, ‘Art Takes 2021’, and showcases the work of New York-based artist, Kelly Olshan. Art Takes 2021 featured the work of emerging and established artists including painters, photographers, videographers, and mixed media artists whose work explores the painful and hopeful themes of 2020 and 2021, including culture, justice, equity, and fantasy.

In her recent work, Olshan constructs physical and illusory labyrinths, alluding to the aspirations and anxiety associated with navigating a complex and nonsensical world. Featured Artists include: Jason Engelbart, Andreas Glikeriou, Kelly Olshan, Tania EA, Kimberly Wee-Ebol, and Scott McIntire.

This show is currently on display at The Yard: Flatiron North, Floors 3-6 (246 Fifth Avenue at 28th Street, New York, NY) through the end of June 2021. To visit the show please reach out to!

The Farther by Kelly Olshan

The Farther, courtesy of the artist, Kelly Olshan

The Yard: Herald Square

ABSTRKT presents By Any Means, Inward, Austin Willis’s first solo exhibition.


This show features new paintings including 3 works on denim. This body of work is Willis’s most intimate work to date, he explores his personal trauma, embracing his emotions and a period of time wrapped in ownership of the past. Setting the path for a re-discovery of self.


Willis’s works are not only a gateway into his life, but memories. He is interested in coming to terms with these memories. Whether true or false (as our minds can make us believe what is “true”) but in his own healing —


Recently coming to terms with his own emotional numbness, this body of work tailors his journey in embracing and processing. The canvas becomes Willis’s reflection in the mirror allowing him to express that which he previously didn’t have words for.


By Any Means, Inward by Austin Willis is currently on display at The Yard: Herald Square, Floor 2 (106 W. 32nd Street, New York, NY). Please stop by during business hours, Monday – Friday (10-4:30 pm), or reach out to ABSTRKT at to attend the reception on Friday, February 4th, 2022.

Artwork by Austin Willis

Artwork courtesy of the artist, Austin Willis


The Yard: Bryant Park

The Yard: Bryant Park and curator Steven Torrisi are pleased to present Smoke & Stone, a solo exhibition by artist Keith Kattner. 

Keith’s imaginative illustrations stir the mind and pique curiosity. The once neurosurgeon found a renewed sense of purpose when transforming into an artist, applying the same dynamic discipline required for brain surgery to blend linear and figurative forms into elegant yet mysterious masterpieces that command the observer’s attention. His awe-inspiring art draws from wide-ranging masters of the craft, from classical realism to surrealism.

Private appointments are available upon request please email, for more information.


Smoke & Stone will be on view at The Yard: Bryant Park, 510 5th Avenue, 3rd Floor, NY, NY. Please check back for more information on upcoming events surrounding this exhibition.

Artwork by Keith Kattner

Artwork courtesy of the artist, Keith Kattner

The Yard: Lincoln Square

Artist Dan Brenton conjures up quiet moments in serene landscapes, where solitude is freedom, and the company of a companion brings fullness to the heart. In Places I Remember, Dan and curator Deborah Pannell have brought together a collection of paintings and drawings from two of his most recent, ongoing series. The first one chronicles the travels of a man and a dog through countryside vistas. The second, which he began after the long summer of 2020, was a reflection on solitude that portrays lone houses in remote settings. In imagining one’s self into these scenarios, one can almost hear the rustle of wind through tree branches, the soft ripping of water, the crunching of leaves underfoot, or the murmur of cicadas.


Drawing on his earlier training as a photographer, Brenton’s depiction of light is central to his compositions. Whether bringing to life bright sunshine, the gentle glow of moonlight, or the delicate illumination of lamplight as seen through distant windows, his paintings suggest a warmth of possibility, reminding us of the many ways to find, in his words, “…what it means to be present in the midst of a journey, even when it feels like it’s coming apart.”


The exhibition is on view from March 21, 2022 – July 3, 2022, at The Yard: Lincoln Square, Floors 4-5 (157 Columbus Ave, New York, NY) on weekdays from 10 am – 4:30 pm and by appointment. For all sales inquiries, please contact the curator at or 917-971-7606.


Please join us for a reception on Friday, 5/20/22 from 6-8 pm to celebrate the Places I Remember exhibition at The Yard: Lincoln Square!

A Beautiful Beginning, Again

A Beautiful Beginning, Again, courtesy of the artist, Dan Brenton


The Yard: Columbus Circle

We are pleased to announce Conversations with Nature, an exhibition featuring Alice Yealin Yang and Margrethe Aanestad, curated by SARAHCROWN founder Sarah Corona. Part of the Art in Lobbies program, the exhibition is a heartfelt gesture of human communication with nature, as it manifests itself in the cosmos. While Aanestad offers a transcendental approach to light, Yang channels emotion through landscapes. Their works, in their distinct methods and concepts of abstraction, converse with each other and what surrounds them.


In Conversations with Nature, Yang and Aanestad both attempt to reiterate their visions of what surrounds us all, be it a meadow, a sunset, or a feeling of wonder, and their works connect to each others’ like a gaze between two humans, or a conversation with friends. Viewing them together is to alter one’s vision, and see, feel, relate to nature in connection.


The exhibition will run between February 3 – May 21, 2022, at The Yard: Columbus Circle, Floors 2, 11, and 12 (33 W. 60th Street, New York, NY).  Visits are available during visiting hours (Monday – Friday 10-4:30 pm) and by appointment only. A virtual tour will be available for guests who aren’t able to visit. A reception will be held later in the run of the show, please check back for additional details.  All works of art are for sale, and the proceeds will benefit the artists. For more information, please contact: / +1 (347) 393–4911 /

Artwork by Margrethe Aenenstad

Flame Waves III, couresy of the artist, Margrethe Aenenstad


Artwork by Alice Yaelin Yang

Sunrose, courtesy of the artist, Alice Yaelin Yang


The Yard: Center City 

InLiquid Art + Design at The Yard: Center City presents Fade to Gist. Our memories are our connection to the past, present, and future. Yet like a
kaleidoscope, our recollections morph and recombine into new but similar stories as time passes, until only the gist remains. Fade To Gist at The Yard
features the work of five artists, Rachel Citrino, Cathleen Hughes, Alan Lankin, Justin Rubich, and Barbara Straussberg. Visually these colorful,
layered works recall the kaleidoscopic nature of memory.


Building collaged layers of color, shape, and texture, Rachel Citrino, Alan Lankin, and Justin Rubich create a visual representation of how our lived
experiences build upon and affect one another to form our view of the world. Citrino’s large abstract works explore what connects ancient
meanings to contemporary ideas. As Lankin shapes his works layer by layer, he envisions space and time converging into a two-dimensional surface
resembling a landscape. Rubich’s mixed media works seek to create a viewing experience that is unreliable; one that wavers between being
permanent and temporary. Cathleen Hughes and Barbara Straussberg’s works are reflections on shifts in understanding. Hughes’ pieces are a meditation on space, time, matter, and her own experiences. She creates work that reflects a future harmony she wishes to bring to society through her work. Straussberg’s work evolved after experiencing a loss to reflect themes of origin, aging, memory, the passage of time, and reverence for her elders. These works invite the viewer to reflect on their own lived experiences and the process of remembering and forgetting, inclusion and exclusion.


This exhibition will be on view through May 16, 2022, at The Yard: Center City, Floors 2-5 (21 S. 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA). Please check back for more information on events surrounding this exhibition.

Untitled #10 by Cathleen Hughes

Untitled #10 courtesy of Cathleen Hughes and InLiquid Art + Design

Washington, DC

The Yard: Eastern Market


The past two years have had an immense physical and psychological impact on everyone emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. Sometimes words cannot fully capture what often feels surreal and abstract. Whether you are thriving or grieving or somewhere in between, the work presented by these artists meets you wherever you are. The methods and materials gathered here range from the soft and soothing, to the vibrant and upbeat. Yet overall, there is an energetic throughline grounded in peace, hope, and joy. Come fill up on what you need. 

Featuring Works by:

Bethel Aniaku, Dany Green, Dustin Harewood, Kristen Hayes, Charles Jean-Pierre, Wayson Jones, Alanzo Robles-Gordon, Jiwoo Shin, Kathy Williams, Barbara Ziselberger.


Abstractions is Curated by: Gia Harewood and on display through August 2022. Please join us in celebrating Abstractions on Friday, May 20th, 2022 from 5:30-8:30 pm at The Yard: Eastern Market. To visit the exhibition or to purchase art please email the curator, Gia at

Counteract, courtesy of the artist, Jiwoo Shin

Counteract, courtesy of the artist, Jiwoo Shin


Special thanks to our wonderful curators and contributing artists! We have great admiration for the time and care spent on each of our gallery exhibitions, and we truly appreciate the intrinsic power of art as an inspiring force.