Current Exhibitions

Art Program: Current Exhibitions

Through our Art Program, The Yard works directly with local curators and galleries to support artists in each city and show rotating seasonal exhibitions at every coworking space location. All works in the rotating collection are for sale and the sales are handled directly through the galleries and curators. If you have any questions please contact our Head of Art Program, Michaeline Sander at for more information.

See our current art exhibits across NYC, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. below, and read about the artists on our blog.

Art Exhibitions in NYC

The Yard: Williamsburg Bridge

The Yard presents Phantom Bodies with works by Brigitta Varadi and Seren Morey. Curated by Audra Lambert, ANTE.

Myth-making, memory, and the presence of bodies both known and imagined are articulated in the artworks on view in the Phantom Bodies summer exhibition on view at The Yard, Williamsburg Bridge. Artists Brigitta Varadi and Seren Morey embrace unique materials in order to create bodies of work in dialogue with the natural world. Phantom Bodies features a range of visual textures for the viewer, evoking the various mysteries permeating the natural world, myths, fairy tales, memory, and tradition. 

Phantom Bodies will be on view at The Yard: Williamsburg Bridge (195 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY) through September 8th, 2021.

Artwork by Seren Morey

Image courtesy of the artist, Seren Morey, and ANTE mag + curatorial.

The Yard: Gowanus

Porter Advisory presents the work of M. Zassenhaus with an opening reception with the artist on Friday, September 17, 2021, from 6 – 8 PM at The Yard Gowanus.


“As an artist, my mediums are water, light, and time. I collaborate with my environment and consider the work a record of a sort of performance” says M. ZASSENHAUS, a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


To attend the opening, you must RSVP here. All attendees will be required to wear a mask while viewing the exhibition. We appreciate your cooperation.


M. Zassenhaus is currently on view at The Yard: Gowanus, Floor 1-3 (157 13th Street, Brooklyn, NY). Please join us in celebrating this group show. If you can’t make it to the reception please stop by the location during business hours (M-F, 9:30-4:30) to visit the artwork. This NYC art exhibit will be on display through January 7, 2022.


Artwork by M. Zassenhaus

Sin Falta III, courtesy of the artist, M. Zassenhaus

The Yard: Williamsburg

Sonja John curatorial projects and The Yard: Williamsburg are pleased to present SOLSTICE, a solo show featuring ninety-five quilts by Caroline Silverman.

Caroline Silverman: Solstice features 95 quilts by Caroline Silverman made as a daily project between the summer solstice and autumnal equinox, 2020. This exhibition chronicles a time of retrospection and meditation through process. Each day, a quilt block would be constructed from any sewable materials, each measuring about 12 inches square. Originally conceptualized in summer 2019, SOLSTICE sought to take the constant shift of light from golden hour to nightfall on long summer days and linger in the tension of capturing surroundings in moments of change or precipice.

In the wake of 2020, with its subsequent anxieties and restrictions due to the pandemic lockdown, Silverman’s daily practice served as an observation of time and ritual. Working intuitively in the heirloom language of quilting, scrap fabrics, abandoned projects or converted pieces of clothing from her own closet constructed a record of the artist’s immediate surroundings during a long period of isolation. The quilts became diary entries of a sort — each one a spontaneous examination of both material availability and mental state, sporting rips, gaps, warps, improvised materials such as paper napkins, and areas of resistance in the joins of incompatible fabric. 

Throughout the duration of the project, only two days were missed. The first, Day 9, was missed due to an injury. The second, Day 91, was missed following news of the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In both instances, the project was not intentionally paused, but simply forgotten in the wake of life. In the exhibition, these breaks in Silverman’s chronological progression are represented in the show as absent spaces on the wall —brief pauses in the relentless march of days in lockdown, from summer to fall.

SOLSTICE is currently on view at The Yard: Williamsburg, Floor 2 (33 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY) through November 14th, 2021. Please reach out to the curator, Sonja John for a private tour at A free ticketed Art Opening will be held on Thursday, August 19th, 2021 and you can reserve your ticket here.

Artwork by Caroline Silverman

Artwork courtesy of the artist, Caroline Silverman.

The Yard: City Hall Park

Morgan Everhart + The Yard: City Hall Park present: Leaving the Body with works by Alyssa McClenaghan, Natasha Wright, Poppy DeltaDawn, and Mel Reese.

Making artwork about the body always involves personal identity. Using the body as a point of view or departure allows an artist and viewer the opportunity to connect the dots between their realities and emotions. Many artists, when referencing the body, are in pursuit of depicting tenderness and love for one’s self, which in return brings symbolism to life. However, depending on the degree of self-representation, there’s often a level of narcissism that comes with it.

Each artist implies the body through varying degrees of abstraction related to their surroundings or medium. Alyssa McClenaghan explores the relationship between materials and gender through personifying domestic objects. Poppy DeltaDawn explores the transitions from body to material through textile production and how it relates to her own medical transition. Natasha Wright’s work explores the sociopolitical implications of the female body as an icon. Mel Reese questions subjectivity through embodying her surroundings. What someone considers representative, or a recognizable element of resemblance, is culturally conditioned. Our pictorial traditions influence our perception of nature. That being said, there’s an immense vulnerability in challenging resemblance, especially of the corporeal self. Leaving the Body, assertively reminds us that the body is a construct.

Leaving the Body will be on display through November 5, 2021, at The Yard: City Hall Park  (116 Nassau Street, New York, NY). For exhibition appointments or artwork inquiries, please contact or visit

Rope (S/Z) by Poppy DeltaDawn

Rope (S/Z), courtesy of the artist, Poppy DeltaDawn

The Yard: Lower East Side

IFAC in collaboration with Brian Leo Projects is pleased to present an exhibition of 26 paintings by artists, Chris Bors and Joe Waks. The two-person show entitled, Punk Waffel Remix, will be on display at The Yard: Lower East Side Floors 2-3 (85 Delancey Street, New York, NY) from June 28 – September 24, 2021.

Bors and Waks (along with anyone born before 1985) are from the last generation to remember life before the internet. A world where information, entertainment, and modes of communication were vastly limited. 

Bors and Waks appropriate their imagery from pre-internet America. Waks recontextualizes 1970s newspaper advertisements, while Bors repurposes hardcore punk band logos from the 1980s. Each work is charged with symbolic meaning, which may prompt some viewers to google some obscure punk bands or politically incorrect vintage ads to gain some additional insight into American Identity.

The bold graphics and text in their works are contrasted with painterly drips and heavy texturing. The palettes from each artist’s work complement one another. Waks’s sepia tones displayed next to Bors’s vivid, Day-Glo colors embellish and reflect eras of America.

Bors and Waks will be available for appointments while the show is on view allowing visitors to dive deeper into a dialogue with the artists at IFAC located at The Yard: Lower East Side.

For all press inquiries or to inquire about a tour of the show, please contact Lee Wells:

646.863.1009 //  

Double Drip by Chris Bors

Double Drip, courtesy of the artist, Chris Bors

The Yard: Flatiron South

Emoting in motions, Kwesi Abbensetts’ pieces are testaments to his ability to move paint — pouring and pushing hues while pulling us in. Curated by Akeem K. Duncan, FEEL is a colorful collection of endearing works that also move the audience in the direction of affection, awareness, and acceptance. FEEL is not just merely a solo exhibition, it is a well-executed symphony of expression. It is a mirror held up to the soul of the self. It is an attempt to see us all for what we really are.



FEEL Seen. 

FEEL Heard.

FEEL Loved.

FEEL Something.


Curated by Akeem K. Duncan and powered by the good folks at Quiet Lunch, FEEL debuts on Thursday, September 9, 2021, and will be on display through December 9, 2021, at The Yard: Flatiron South  (234 5th Avenue, floors 2-5). The exhibition will be on display to the public but in an effort to remain healthy, safe viewing will be limited and by appointment. Appointments can be reserved at

Artwork courtesy of the artist, Kwesi Abbensetts

Artwork courtesy of the artist, Kwesi Abbensetts

The Yard: Flatiron North

The Spring Exhibition at The Yard Flatiron North features artists selected from See|Me’s recent exhibition, ‘Art Takes 2021’, and showcases the work of New York-based artist, Kelly Olshan. Art Takes 2021 featured the work of emerging and established artists including painters, photographers, videographers, and mixed media artists whose work explores the painful and hopeful themes of 2020 and 2021, including culture, justice, equity, and fantasy.

In her recent work, Olshan constructs physical and illusory labyrinths, alluding to the aspirations and anxiety associated with navigating a complex and nonsensical world. Featured Artists include: Jason Engelbart, Andreas Glikeriou, Kelly Olshan, Tania EA, Kimberly Wee-Ebol, and Scott McIntire.

This show is currently on display at The Yard: Flatiron North, Floors 3-6 (246 Fifth Avenue at 28th Street, New York, NY) through the end of June 2021. To visit the show please reach out to!

The Farther by Kelly Olshan

The Farther, courtesy of the artist, Kelly Olshan

The Yard: Herald Square

ABSTRKT presents Slant by Martyna Szczęsna, organized by Sarah Han.

A slant is a slope, angle, or particular perspective — an inescapable bias inherent in each unique schema. These biases are constantly interacting whether in command or in chaos, and the chaos is where Szczęsna finds nuanced paintings in raw, unhindered output.
In Slant, Szczęsna presents a small-scale survey of works made over the past four years, wherein public spaces have been recontextualized as boundless canvases of layered and hasty scrawlings left behind by covert bodies, collaborating on streets, construction/demolition sites, public parks et al. Using a number of depictive strategies; photographs, sculptures, and installations to probe the nature of heterotopic spaces, Szczęsna has sought to depict the way collective desires and ideologies are writ large. In doing so she questions the foundational principles and mythologies of this country.

Slant is currently on display at The Yard: Herald Square, Floor 2 (106 W. 32nd Street, New York, NY).

Please check back for more information on future events for this exhibition!

Artwork by Martyna Szczęsna

V, 2016, courtesy of the artist,  Martyna Szczęsna

The Yard: Bryant Park

The Yard: Bryant Park and curator Steven Torrisi are pleased to present Smoke & Stone, a solo exhibition by artist Keith Kattner. 

Keith’s imaginative illustrations stir the mind and pique curiosity. The once neurosurgeon found a renewed sense of purpose when transforming into an artist, applying the same dynamic discipline required for brain surgery to blend linear and figurative forms into elegant yet mysterious masterpieces that command the observer’s attention. His awe-inspiring art draws from wide-ranging masters of the craft, from classical realism to surrealism.

This exhibition will be on display until September 2021. Private appointments are available upon request please email, for more information.

Smoke & Stone will be on view at The Yard: Bryant Park, 510 5th Avenue, 3rd Floor, NY, NY. Please check back for more information on upcoming events surrounding this exhibition.

Artwork by Keith Kattner

Artwork courtesy of the artist, Keith Kattner

The Yard: Lincoln Square

The Yard: Lincoln Square is pleased to present PORTALS, curated by Jacqueline Ferrante. This show features works by Saskia Fleishman, Christina Graham, MaryKate Maher, Isabelle Schneider, and Lesley Wamsley.


PORTALS presents five artists who explore the perception of time, space, and access in their work. Through varied media, each artist creates a portal – an illusory space in which we can get lost, reflect, dream, and find ourselves again.


The work in PORTALS speaks to our current social and cultural life; moving into new and unknown spaces. Immersed in this new dimension, we can reimagine and connect with others and ourselves, re-establish balance and gain access to another perspective.


The exhibition is on view through December 5, 2021,at The Yard: Lincoln Square, Floors 4-5 (157 Columbus Ave, New York, NY) weekdays from 10 am – 4:30 pm and by appointment. Masks are required. For artwork inquiries or to schedule an appointment, please contact


There will be a reception to celebrate the PORTALS exhibition on Thursday, September 16, 2021, from 6 – 9 PM at The Yard: Lincoln Square. To attend the event please register here for a free ticket!

Surface(43) by MaryKate Maher

Surface (43) courtesy of the artist, MaryKate Maher

The Yard: Columbus Circle

Curated by SARAHCROWN founder Sarah Corona, Hic Sunt Dracones is Elisa Bertaglia’s first solo show in New York. Bertaglia’s new body of work is the result of an intense process of research and exploration, cultivated by her travels and absorption into Eastern art and culture. The exhibition takes its name from the unknown territories in ancient cartography, which were labeled by mapmakers “hic sunt dracones,” Latin for “here there be dragons”. Indeed, her recent paintings and drawings reflect upon the concepts of the threshold (soglia), cartography, the unknown, and imagined landscapes. The Dragon is a recurrent figure too.


A comprehensive catalog of Bertaglia’s works, published by SARAHCROWN, has been created for the exhibition and is available for purchase. All works of art are for sale, and the proceeds will benefit the artist. For more information, please contact: / +1 (347) 393–4911 /


The opening reception will take place on September 16, 2021. RSVP is required to attend, please email Sarah Crown at to do so. Visits will be available during visiting hours and by appointment only. A virtual tour will be available for guests who aren’t able to visit. 


The exhibition will run between September 16, 2021  – January 15, 2022, at The Yard: Columbus Circle, Floors 2, 11, and 12 (33 W. 60th Street, New York, NY).

Hic Sunt Dracones #20 by Elisa Bertaglia

Hic Sunt Dracones #20, Courtesy of the artist, Elisa Bertaglia


The Yard: Center City 

InLiquid Art + Design at The Yard: Center City presents the works of six artists in the exhibition Color in Exuberance. Throughout the four floors of The Yard, the featured artwork by artists Terri Fridkin, Lorraine Glessner, Catherine Gontarek, Su Knoll Horty, Diane Lachman, and Dolores Poacelli utilize vibrant color in unique abstract styles through their paintings, prints, and sculptural forms.


Dolores Poacelli and Lorraine Glessner both create work in a psychological space, exploring the space and tension of our relationships, how we are seen by others, and our inner minds, creating a blurred line between dream and reality. Su Knoll Horty finds inspiration in the natural world, particularly in fluid and often wild compositions. Diane Lachman, Terri Fridkin, and Catherine Gontarek share sleek geometric patterns and gentle contemplative design, which allows for powerful displays of contrasting color. Shared experiences influence their work and create a delicate balance between control and total freedom in their expression.


The works in Color in Exuberance are vibrant and pleasing to the eye, and use colors to relay emotions of excitement, and to calm the viewer.

This exhibition will be on view through December 2021, at The Yard: Center City, Floors 2-5 (21 S. 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA). Please check back for more information on events surrounding this exhibition.

Snakes in the Grass -Red, 2017, Artwork courtesy of the artist, Dolores Poacelli and InLiquid Art & Design

Artwork courtesy of the artist, Dolores Poacelli and InLiquid Art + Design

Washington, DC

The Yard: Eastern Market

This artistic showcase is part of a three-part exhibition series entitled, “FEEL – REVEAL – HEAL”. HEAL will open on August 23rd, at The Yard: Eastern Market Washington, DC, and run until December 23rd, 2021.

HEAL. Explorative and visually captivating, this group showcase seeks to bring greater awareness to the healing powers of visual art, by promoting the tenets and principles of art therapy and wellness. Guest curated by Marlon Powell, this event will create a unique opportunity for local artists and small businesses to connect with the community and push forward conversations centered around mental wellness.

[FEEL]Part 1 of this series opened in May during Mental Health Awareness Month, and we are excited to continue sharing this amazing theme and the healing powers of visual art.


Featured Artists Include: Martryce Roach, Sheldon McClendon, Nick Cruz Velleman, Ashley Mudge, Jennifer Schroeder, David Porter, Page Christensen, Dorian Jay Durrah.


This exhibition is currently on view through December 23, 2021, at The Yard: Eastern Market. To visit the exhibition or to purchase art please email,

Artwork by Jay Durrah

Far Off Look
Artwork Courtesy of the Artist, Dorian Jay Durrah


Special thanks to our wonderful curators and contributing artists! We have great admiration for the time and care spent on each of our gallery exhibitions, and we truly appreciate the intrinsic power of art as an inspiring force.