Current Exhibitions

Art Program: Current Exhibitions

Through our Art Program, The Yard works directly with local curators and galleries to support artists in each city and show rotating seasonal exhibitions at every coworking space location. All works in the rotating collection are for sale and the sales are handled directly through the galleries and curators. If you have any questions please contact our Head of Art Program, Michaeline Sander at for more information.

See our current art exhibits across NYC, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. below, and read about the artists on our blog.


Art Exhibitions in NYC

The Yard: Williamsburg

Paradigm Shifts: Beatrice Mady and Heather Williams is the newest exhibition on view at The Yard: Williamsburg.


The show focuses on the intersections between cultures and life experiences, Paradigm Shifts acknowledges the monumental shifts in our sociopolitical and cultural frameworks over the past decade through the lens of  NJ-based artists Beatrice Mady and Heather Williams. Curated by Audra Lambert of ANTE.


Paradigm Shifts will be on view at The Yard: Williamsburg (195 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY) through October 10, 2022. Please stop by during business hours, Monday- Friday 10-4:30 PM to visit the show, or email Audra to set up a private appointment. For any inquiries please reach out to Audra at


Artwork courtesy of the artist, Heather Williams

Artwork courtesy of the artist, Heather Williams

The Yard: Gowanus

Porter/Advisory presents a solo exhibition celebrating the works of artist Jennie Barrese.  


Jennie Barrese works in photography, ceramics, and paint, primarily oil and gouache.  Her work tends to explore strange surrealist creatures and landscapes. Regardless of medium, her themes tie very closely to her experiences making her work intensely personal.  Her work is also influenced heavily by philosophy and science, specifically physics and biology.


Please join us in celebrating this fabulous show and meet the artist for a reception on Friday, July 8th, from 6-8 pm at The Yard: Gowanus.


This exhibition will be on view from Friday, July 8 – October 30, 2022, at  The Yard: Gowanus, 157 13th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11215 (between 3rd and 4th Avenues). Please stop by during business hours Monday – Friday, 10 – 4:30 pm, or reach out to the curator, Jessica at for a private tour or with any inquiries.




Glove, courtesy of the artist, Jennie Barrese

                                            Glove, courtesy of the artist, Jennie Barrese


The Yard: Greenpoint

Sonja John Curatorial Projects and The Yard: Greenpoint is pleased to announce A Summer Exhibition featuring works by artists, Ray Hwang and Eiko Nishida. 


This show is visually stunning and the colors are captivating! It’s like a summer retreat at the office.

A Summer Exhibition will be on view at The Yard: Greenpoint, Floor 2 (33 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY) Monday – Friday 10 am – 4:30 pm through September 23, 2022. Please reach out to the curator, Sonja John for a private tour at or stop by during business hours. Please check back for more information on an upcoming art reception to celebrate the artists and curator!

"last night I dreamt of my Unfortunate demise sitting in the shade of a sun kissed tofu Palm"

“last night I dreamt of my Unfortunate demise sitting in the shade of a sun-kissed tofu Palm” courtesy of the artist, Ray Hwang

Artwork courtesy of the artist, Eiko Nishida

Artwork courtesy of the artist, Eiko Nishida

The Yard: Lower East Side

IFAC Arts and The Yard: Lower East Side presents Seminal / Sentience ‘all form is a face looking at us’, an exhibition of painting, print, and collage that resonate with elements of Neo-Expressionism, Surrealism, and Pop.  Using Serge Daney’s axiom ‘all “form” is a face looking at us’ as a vehicle for discussion, the viewers become part of the cinematic mise-en-scène in relation to the artworks and the exhibition spaces at The Yard.


The six artists display a distinctive and powerful visual language through intensely expressive gesture, color, and use of pictorial space challenging the viewer to reflect on their own self-awareness and subjectivity. The exhibition features works by Al Diaz aka SAMO©, Brian Leo, Christina Nicola, Doug Groupp, Marc Andre, and Pia Chavarria.


There is an immediacy to the works which trace themes of personal identity and form a romantic contrast between the individual and society. Resisting hierarchy the exhibition offers a new moment for expressionism and a way forward for figuration through free association without social constraint or the necessity to include emotional historical narratives. 


The artists will be available for appointments while the show is on view allowing visitors to dive deeper into a dialogue with the artists at IFAC. Go to for full artists’ biographies and exhibition checklist. 


Seminal / Sentience will be on display at The Yard: Lower East Side Floors 2-3 (85 Delancey Street, New York, NY) from August 15, 2022 – November 7, 2022. Please feel free to stop by and visit the show Monday – Friday 10:00 – 4:30 pm. There will be an Artist Reception on Thursday, September 15, 2022, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.


For all press inquiries or to inquire about a tour of the show, please contact Lee Wells: +1 646 863 1009 //

Artwork courtesy of the artist, Doug Groupp

Artwork courtesy of the artist, Doug Groupp

The Yard: Flatiron South

“Better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.”

An ancient proverb that rings true even in modern times, the words are a testament to maintaining peace while also being prepared to protect that peace when necessary. It is an existential duality that we all grapple with. Conflict is not to be glorified or normalized yet it is an ever present aspect of the human condition that must be acknowledged and unpacked. There are those of us who do not prefer war but there are often times when one does not have a choice.


Warriors in the Garden, a solo exhibition by Ryan Davis, is a thoughtful reminder of the aforementioned juxtaposition. Featuring a series of paintings and collages, the work attempts to get to the root of sustainability and maintaining a beneficial balance that keeps us healthy and well–even in the face of momentary obstacles. Davis feels a sense of responsibility through his pieces. In fact, the ripple of his work does not stop short of the human condition. It resonates even further within the confines of our cultural canon. Davis has left us nurturing instructions that enables us to bridge the gap between the old world and the contemporary now. Teetering between academia and otherworldliness, Warriors in the Garden, is a love letter to our lineage. 


In whole, Davis is journeying with his work and is an artist who is now ready to welcome us to journey alongside him. Together we will unlearn, relearn, let go and let in. We will unlock our inner magic and embrace our unknown unknowns.


Curated by Akeem K. Duncan. | @akeemkduncan


Warriors in the Garden is currently on display at The Yard: Flatiron South  (234 5th Avenue, floors 2-5), please stop by to see the show during business hours, Monday – Friday, 10 am – 4:30 pm. We will be hosting an opening reception on August 25, 2022, from 6 – 8 pm. For inquiries and private appointments please reach out to Akeem at

Eye of Horus, courtesy of Ryan Davis

Eye of Horus, courtesy of the artist, Ryan Davis

The Yard: Flatiron North

 See|Me’s Fall Exhibition features the work of twelve artists united in their acumen at exploring the hidden.  From veiled meaning to tantalizingly opaque subject matter, these artists play with creating mystery drawing the viewer closer to consider what lies behind.
-Nerissa Bardfeld, Gallery Director, See|Me


Featured Artists: Ann George | Tatiana An | Y. Hope Osborn | Joan Maureen Collins | Shavit Vos | Kristin Anderson | Laura Niubo Fe | Mariana Gomez | Juan Sebastian Cobo Gurerro | Adam Watkins | Darrin Hartman

Watch  for clues to discover the meaning behind each work & to learn more about the artists | 

Learn about upcoming exhibitions & events, follow See|Me on Instagram @seemecommunity


This show is currently on display at The Yard: Flatiron North, Floors 3-6 (246 Fifth Avenue at 28th Street, New York, NY) through January 18, 2023. To visit the show please reach out to or stop by during business hours, Monday-Friday, 10 am-4:30 pm.

Warning! courtesy of the artist, Tatiana An

Warning! courtesy of the artist, Tatiana An

The Yard: Herald Square

ABSTRKT is pleased to present “FROM THIS TO THAT” a solo exhibition by artist Mason Eve. This new body of work explores the pleasure that can be found when we let ourselves enjoy the process of creative play. Her work uses shape, color, and texture to examine the energy that our memories hold,
while simultaneously capturing the particular moment in time when the collage is made. While working she asks questions that connect feelings to a visual landscape – What is the color of joy? What shape does a first kiss take when translated into abstract form? Is the sound of jazz a cobalt squiggle or a tangerine square? When you look at the artwork what memories arise? How can we hold on to fleeting memories?


Through her work, Mason aims to highlight the relationship between our dream world and the artistic influences present in our daily lives – each piece telling a story of the balance that can be found amidst chaos and movement. “FROM THIS TO THAT” is a transitional body of work as Mason moves away from acrylic on canvas into the world of collage, the title is a remix of Lucille Clifton’s closing line in “Blessing The Boats”
“may you
open your eyes to water
water waving forever
and may you in your innocence
sail through this to that”


Her collage work is a physical representation of her embracing fear, feeling it, and then giving herself permission to play, trusting the intuitive process of creation to set both the artist and viewer free. “FROM THIS TO THAT” is currently on display at The Yard: Herald Square, Floor 2 (106 W. 32nd Street, New York, NY). Please stop by during business hours, Monday – Friday (10-4:30 pm), or reach out to ABSTRKT at to attend the reception on Friday, June 3rd, 2022, or for a private tour.

Artwork courtesy of the artist, Mason Eve

Artwork courtesy of the artist, Mason Eve


The Yard: Lincoln Square

Flora/Not Flora is a solo exhibition of photographic work by Harold Olejarz, a collection of digitally created images inspired by the natural world and the shapes to be found in it. This exhibition is curated by Deborah Pannell. 


Olejarz begins each of his pieces with photographs of plants, flowers, food, buildings, or other objects that catch his eye. Processing his source material through multiple layers of digital intervention, he creates circular images that feel like kaleidoscopic mandalas. Through repetition and a nuanced exploration of both movement and presence, his works evoke a kind of sacred geometry that is at once harmonious and mesmerizing.


At times, Olejarz’s creations celebrate the sense of joyful abundance to be found in the seemingly endless repetition of a single image. Other works demonstrate different levels of depth through the stacking of multiple layers and textures, while others transform familiar objects into abstract forms that are nearly unrecognizable.


This collection presents what happens when raw images of plants and flowers are the building blocks for man-made forms and conversely, when man-made forms are made to appear like something out of nature. The exhibition is on view from July 31, 2022 – November 6, 2022, at The Yard: Lincoln Square, Floors 4-5 (157 Columbus Ave, New York, NY) on weekdays from 10 am – 4:30 pm and by appointment. For all sales inquiries, please contact the curator, Deborah at


Please join us for a reception on Thursday, 9/22/22 from 6-8 pm to celebrate the Flora/Not Flora exhibition at The Yard: Lincoln Square!

Deborah's Plant courtesy of the artist, Harold Olejarz

Deborah’s Plant, courtesy of the artist, Harold Olejarz


The Yard: Columbus Circle

We are pleased to announce the group show The Persistence of Vision, featuring works by artists Elisa Bertaglia, Leslie Kerby, Osaretin Ugiagbe, David Syre, and Sasha Vinci. As a tribute to the concept of artwork series, the show brings together a selection of SARAHCROWN’s artists to open a new way of looking at the various themes that come up in their artistic practice.


At its core, a series connotes a certain persistence of an artist’s vision: one that pours over one work and creates another, and then another. Sometimes these works complete each other, and sometimes the inspiration is so strong that it nourishes the artist to produce more. In this exhibition, five artists who work in series come together to alter, create, and intensify their vision in series. 


The Persistence of Vision will run between October 7, 2022 – January 15, 2023, at SARAHCROWN’s Central Park West location at The Yard: Columbus Circle, Floors 2, 11, and 12 (33 W. 60th Street, New York, NY).  Visits are available during visiting hours (Monday – Friday 10-4:30 pm) and by appointment only. The official opening reception will be held on October 11, 2022, from 5 -7 pm.  All works of art are for sale, and the proceeds will benefit the artists. For more information, please contact: / +1 (347) 393–4911 /

My Emotions...Blue, courtesy of the artist, David Syre

My Emotions…Blue, courtesy of the artist, David Syre



The Yard: Center City 

InLiquid Art + Design at The Yard: Center City presents Idyll. The artists in Idyll draw inspiration from the natural world— the rhythms, patterns, and pace of nature. In this show, works from artists Judy Caldwell, Sam Coursen, Valerie Coursen, and Adina Segal invite you to learn from nature and practice the art of slowing down.


Drawn to objects with a weathered patina, Valerie Coursen imitates the effects of the elements over time as she explores building layers with paint, patterns, color, and collage in her pieces. Sam Coursen’s minimalist work takes familiar natural imagery and abstracts them through a combination of paint and collage.


Judy Caldwell and Adina Segal engage with the environment in a meditative way. Caldwell’s work reflects a constant state of education; learning to be more present and fully mindful of nature’s timing and energies. Segal, enthralled by the not knowing, the seeking, the transformation, and the discovery, creates imagined moonscapes, skyscapes, and waterscapes.


Patient, immersive attention to an image may spark observations or inspirations previously unnoticed. So take a longer look, draw inspiration from the natural world, and enjoy a moment of mindful reflection with the works of Idyll.


This exhibition will be on view through September 28, 2022, at The Yard: Center City, Floors 2-5 (21 S. 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA). We will be hosting a reception in celebration of this gorgeous collection of works on Tuesday, June 28th from 6-8 pm, please reach out to to join in on the celebration or with any inquiries. Guests are also welcome during business hours, Monday-Friday, 10 am – 4:30 pm, and by appointment.

Fireball, courtesy of the artist, Adina Segal

Fireball, courtesy of the artist, Adina Segal

Washington, DC

The Yard: Eastern Market


This exhibition showcases the work of local artists who are also educators. With a spectrum of experiences ranging from aspiring to veteran, this group’s personal practice demonstrates many lessons. Primarily, they remind us that we must put on our own oxygen mask first if we are to help anyone else – we must continue to nurture what brings us joy even as we guide others towards theirs. Given how challenging it has been to be an educator recently, this is a chance to show them some love. Take in the wide range of techniques, materials, and expressions. There’s something for everyone!

Featuring Works by:

Nancy Arbuthnot, David Ibata, Gail Shaw-Clemons, Marie Darling, Paula Mans, Oluwatoyin Tella, Glenn Fry, Zsudayka Nzinga, Hadiya Williams.


Schooled is Curated by: Gia Harewood and on display through January 21, 2023. Please join us in celebrating Schooled on Friday, September 23rd, 2022 from 6-9 pm as part of Art All Night Eastern Market at The Yard: Eastern Market. To visit the exhibition or to purchase art please email the curator, Gia at or visit her on Instagram @giametricart.

Something About Her, courtesy of the artist, Zsudayka Nzinga

Something About Her, courtesy of the artist, Zsudayka Nzinga


Special thanks to our wonderful curators and contributing artists! We have great admiration for the time and care spent on each of our gallery exhibitions, and we truly appreciate the intrinsic power of art as an inspiring force.