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Art Program: Current Exhibitions

Through our Art Program, The Yard works directly with local curators and galleries to support artists in each city and show rotating seasonal exhibitions at every coworking space location. All works in the rotating collection are for sale and the sales are handled directly through the galleries and curators. If you have any questions please contact our Head of Art Program, Michaeline Sander at for more information.

See our current art exhibits across NYC, Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, D.C. below, and read about the artists on our blog.

New York

The Yard: Gowanus

Porter Advisory presents Delineated, an exhibition featuring works by Tegan Brozyna Roberts.

Delineated is currently on view at The Yard: Gowanus, Floor 1-3 (157 13th Street, Brooklyn, NY). There will be an art opening reception on February 21st from 6:30-8:30 pm. Please send a note to to attend.



Artwork by Tegan Brozyna Roberts

Artwork by Tegan Brozyna Roberts, Delineated III

The Yard: Williamsburg Bridge

The Yard presents Un/Common: Works by Elizabeth Velazquez, Ann Tarantino, Linda K. Schmidt, Alan Neider, Lydia J. Goldbeck, and Mark Eisendrath. Curated by Audra Lambert, ANTE.

Un/Common presents a selection of artists working with sculpture, assemblage, and mixed media in response to objects we encounter in our everyday lives. Artists included in the exhibition either depict everyday objects from the home + lived environments, work with objects not traditionally considered art material, or objects found in the natural world. The mise-en-scene created by these new works from artists Mark Eisendrath, Lydia J. Goldbeck, Alan Neider, Linda K. Schmidt, Ann Tarantino, and Elizabeth Velazquez give us room to reimagine how our everyday lives can be informed – and reconsidered – through an artistic lens.

Un/Common will be on view at The Yard: Williamsburg Bridge (195 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY) through May 27, 2021. Please check back for additional event information for this show.

December in my eyes artwork

December in my eyes. Image courtesy of artist Mark Eisendrath and ANTE mag + curatorial.


The Yard: Williamsburg

Sonja John curatorial projects and The Yard, Williamsburg are pleased to present Loom, Longing a seven-person show featuring artists and designers exploring emotional landscapes at the intersection of painting and textiles. Featured artists include Lauryn Red Welch, Malaika Temba, Marisha Lozada, Michelle Chun, Rachel Deane, Utē Petit, and Yidan Zeng. Together, this group engages in a larger conversation on color, pattern, and texture across method and media, linking the fundamental elements of fine arts, craft, and design.

Each of the seven artists featured exemplify this in their meditations on common elements that connect painting and fiber arts: pattern, color, process, rhythm, and repetition. Through their material explorations, they consider how a pattern might be used to conceal or reveal information; how making a quilt might arouse chaos or nostalgia; how painting curtains, or rugs, or lace might transform a narrative object into a decorative one, and how natural dyes reminiscent of a sunset sky might evoke a certain intimacy from slow looking.

This exhibition is currently on view at The Yard: Williamsburg, Floor 2 (33 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY) through March 14, 2021. Please reach out to the curator, Sonja John for a private tour at

Artwork by Malaika Temba

Artwork by Malaika Temba

The Yard: City Hall Park

Morgan Everhart + The Yard: City Hall Park present: Embellishing the Truth with works by Becca Van K, Claudia Santiso, Mandy Chesney, Jennifer Caviola. Decorative and fine art is a false dichotomy informed by a systemic misunderstanding that reality should be mundanely visible. Beauty gives us different degrees of reality and this exhibition, Embellishing the Truth, curated by Morgan Everhart, shares four artists’ convergences of their truths through adornment. The name of this exhibition is purely ironic because there’s nothing to hide with Claudia Santiso, Jennifer Caviola, Becca Van K, and Mandy Chesney’s work. Each artist openly welcomes the implications their materials and references have. In some cases, there is so little rejection of their mediums that the works are inherently sculptural.

In a time where we are transitioning out of our solitude and re-establishing our new day-to-day, we deserve to celebrate what makes us who we are and share that with others. This is a chance for us to be unabashedly ourselves like these artists are.

Embellishing the Truth will be on display through July 23, 2021, at The Yard: City Hall Park  (116 Nassau Street, New York, NY). For exhibition appointments or artwork inquiries, please contact or visit

Oblige Me by Mandy Chesney

Oblige Me by Mandy Chesney

The Yard: Lower East Side

IFAC presents Tribute New Abstracts by Matt Enger in collaboration with Brian Leo Projects and The Yard: Lower East Side. “Painting is like holding life in your hand and watching it drip through your fingers”. Matt Enger’s new body of work evokes a mystical experience combining aspects of expressive high gloss painting and printmaking to create dense rhythmic patterns of color. An evocative form of hyper-elevated pop-art and gestural abstraction which adhere to his longstanding dialogue with American history. The paintings seem to magnify the process of drawing and mark-making and allow the viewer to engage in a self-referential paradox into the art itself. A meta-fiction of sorts, paintings of comic book abstract painting, more akin to psychedelic liquid light installations of the ’60s than to the work of referential pop artists such as Lichtenstein, Warhol, or Rauschenberg. Enger honors our artist and musician ancestors from whom he draws inspiration and their ability to create beautiful works that even for a moment are capable of uplifting the human spirit from the day-to-day cares of the world and the dark side of humanity. The works are masterfully executed through a unique Cast Acrylic process he developed with his late brother Mark over the past 20 years which results in scintillating high gloss surfaces that resonate with visual depth seldom seen in contemporary painting.

Tribute is currently on view at The Yard: Lower East Side, Floors 2-3 (85 Delancey Street, New York, NY). For more information and to schedule an appointment please contact,

Artwork by Matt Enger

Artwork by Matt Enger

The Yard: Flatiron South

As we hibernate in our respective homes, safe and sound but separated from one another, we cannot help but wonder when we will all be together again. Even when we emerge from confinement, we shuffle back and forth, our faces hidden from view… still disconnected. With all the masked faces that are out and about and the dreary weather that’s upon us, TOGETHER is a joint presentation of vibrant patterns, honest faces, and open spaces.

Featuring the insightful portraiture of Marguerite Wibaux and the intricate mark-making of Dhanashree Gadiyar, each work possesses a signature strength and liveliness that inspires us to remain positive and persistent during these trying times. Exuding warmth, activity and dynamism TOGETHER brings a seemingly distant but much-needed familiarity to our sterilized lives. TOGETHER is an endearing exhibition of expression that seeks to subtract from the contemporary stoicism that comes with the endless march of masked covered faces and our nearly constant confinement.

Curated by Akeem K. Duncan and powered by the good folks at Quiet Lunch, TOGETHER debuts on Thursday, February 14, 2021, at The Yard: Flatiron South  (234 5th Avenue, floors 2-5). The exhibition will be on display to the public but in an effort to remain healthy and safe, viewing will be limited and by appointment. Appointments can be reserved at

Will You Listen to Cassandra? by Marguerite Wibaux

Will You Listen to Cassandra? by Marguerite Wibaux

The Yard: Flatiron North

The Spring Exhibition at The Yard Flatiron North features artists selected from See|Me’s recent exhibition, ‘Art Takes 2021’, and showcases the work of New York-based artist, Kelly Olshan. Art Takes 2021 featured the work of emerging and established artists including painters, photographers, videographers, and mixed media artists whose work explores the painful and hopeful themes of 2020 and 2021, including culture, justice, equity, and fantasy.

In her recent work, Olshan constructs physical and illusory labyrinths, alluding to the aspirations and anxiety associated with navigating a complex and nonsensical world. Featured Artists include: Jason Engelbart, Andreas Glikeriou, Kelly Olshan, Tania EA, Kimberly Wee-Ebol, and Scott McIntire.

This show is currently on display at The Yard: Flatiron North, Floors 3-6 (246 Fifth Avenue at 28th Street, New York, NY) through the end of June 2021. To visit the show please reach out to!

The Farther by Kelly Olshan

The Farther by Kelly Olshan

The Yard: Herald Square

ABSTRKT presents Slant by Martyna Szczęsna, organized by Sarah Han.

A slant is a slope, angle, or particular perspective — an inescapable bias inherent in each unique schema. These biases are constantly interacting whether in command or in chaos, and the chaos is where Szczęsna finds nuanced paintings in raw, unhindered output.
In Slant, Szczęsna presents a small-scale survey of works made over the past four years, wherein public spaces have been recontextualized as boundless canvases of layered and hasty scrawlings left behind by covert bodies, collaborating on streets, construction/demolition sites, public parks et al. Using a number of depictive strategies; photographs, sculptures, and installations to probe the nature of heterotopic spaces, Szczęsna has sought to depict the way collective desires and ideologies are writ large. In doing so she questions the foundational principles and mythologies of this country.

Slant is currently on display at The Yard: Herald Square, Floor 2 (106 W. 32nd Street, New York, NY).

Please check back for more information on future events for this exhibition!

Artwork by Martyna Szczęsna

V, 2016, by Martyna Szczęsna

The Yard: Bryant Park

The Yard presents, Displace a 90-day exhibition at their Bryant Park location. Displace will be available for private viewings December 1st, 2020 -February 28th, 2021; featuring artists Kevin Clark, Suzanne Scott, Temel Nal, and M.Clark curated by Steven Torrisi.

This collection of works underlines the current shift many of us are witnessing all around us, displacement. The sheer uprooting of traditions, norms, biases, and beliefs ultimately provides an opportunity to take a step back from the appearances rising to our perceptions and cultivate the next step forward in a new light. This exhibition depicts the thrill of individualism, unity, and the bond between the two.

Displace will be on view at The Yard: Bryant Park, 3rd Floor, through the end of February 2021. Please check back for more information on upcoming events surrounding this exhibition.

Artwork by Suzanne Scott

Artwork by Suzanne Scott

The Yard: Lincoln Square

Alpha’a presents ETHER Arts Projects. ETHER is a nomadic cultural organization that links artists, curators, and exhibition spaces to manage and produce art shows and independent cultural initiatives. Connected through an invisible sphere that joins us energetically to the creative force, we seek to engage in an open dialogue between different geographies and artistic disciplines, in order to manifest and expand contemporary cultural practices. We use an organic production scheme, adaptable to the needs and interests of each artist in relation to the available spaces and the communication routes chosen, with a special interest in trans-territorial approaches. The curatorial concept behind ETHER spins around men and women in their human condition and the relationship established with nature. The selected artists reflect and work upon these notions in diverse ways, while dissolving, reformulating, and un-defining concepts under their own perspective, manifesting this through different formats and exhibition devices. We function as a non-profit initiative based on a symbiotic relationship between its members and collaborators. Mobility and dynamism characterize the creation of strategic alliances between people and projects with common interests and a vision for cooperative exchange.

The exhibition features works by artists Maia Chozas and Ángeles Peña and is currently on view at The Yard: Lincoln Square, Floors 4-5 (157 Columbus Ave, New York, NY) through mid-June 2021. Please check back for future events around this exhibition!

Crates by Maia Chozas

Crates by Maia Chozas

The Yard: Columbus Circle

Curated by SARAHCROWN founder Sarah Corona, WITHIN is Nigerian-born artist Osaretin Ugiagbe’s first solo exhibition since his return from London, UK. The exhibition presents Ugiagbe’s works from two recent series that he has been creating in the past year, a collection of paintings on canvas and more abstract, sculptural mixed-media installations, “Bounty” and “Metal Summer.” These series both revolve around the ideas of self-reflection and belonging in different visual languages. Osaretin Ugiagbe: WITHIN showcases both series conjointly to reveal Ugiagbe’s range of artistic process and persona and the series’ duality in conversation with each other.

Both series, although perceptibly distant from each other, are intimately connected. Ugiagbe created both series contemporarily, moving between painting and sculpting and sometimes finishing up to 4 works at the same time. They also inform each other: While the canvases are a figurative description of feelings of belonging, personality, and home, the sculptural installations of “Metal Summer” address Ugiagbe’s rendering of the urban landscape, and complete that vision from the outside, from the world.

Due to COVID-19, no opening reception will take place for this exhibition, and visits will be available by appointment only. A virtual tour will be available for guests who aren’t able to visit. All works of art are for sale, and the proceeds will benefit the artist. For more information, please contact: / +1 347.393.4911 /

The exhibition will run between April 6 – June 26, 2021, at The Yard: Columbus Circle, Floors 2, 11, and 12 (33 W. 60th Street, New York, NY).

Artwork: Yellow stripe by Osaretin Ugiagbe

Yellow stripe by Osaretin Ugiagbe


The Yard: Center City 

InLiquid Art + Design at The Yard: Center City presents The Face of Another which highlights the work of five artists, Chris Churchin, Barbara Dirnbach, Sharon Egan, Barbara Shelly, Joe Vescovich, whose respective bodies of works involve portraiture. Over the past year, many of us have been distanced from others, from our neighbors, our colleges, our friends, and even our family. Now, as society slowly starts opening up again, The Face of Another invites us to reacquaint ourselves with the friendly sights of strangers whether on the bus, in a domestic setting, or even in our place of work, and reminds us that we as a society are stronger together. 

This exhibition will be on view through August 15, 2021, at The Yard: Center City, Floors 2-5 (21 S. 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA). Please check back for more information on events surrounding this exhibition.

Catherine by Chris Churchin

Catherine courtesy of artist Chris Churchin and InLiquid Art + Design


Washington, DC

The Yard: Eastern Market

FEEL.REVEAL.HEAL.  A  group artist showcase designed to share the healing powers of visual art.

This artistic showcase is part of a three-part exhibition series entitled, “FEEL – REVEAL – HEAL”. FEEL will open May 3rd, at The Yard: Eastern Market Washington, DC, and run until August 14, 2021.

FEEL. Explorative and visually captivating, this group showcase seeks to bring greater awareness to the healing powers of visual art, by promoting the tenets and principles of art therapy and wellness.  Guest curated by Marlon Powell, this event will create a unique opportunity for local artists and small businesses to connect with the community and push forward conversations centered around mental wellness. May is also Mental Health Awareness Month, and we are excited to align our theme and efforts to support such a worthy cause.  

Featured Artists Include: Jose Manuel Cruz, Robert Douglas, Monifa Kincaid, Nikki Lavi, Jamie Monroe, Dinah Schroeder, Qrcky, Calli Rae, Ravi Raman, Raquel Thompson, David “Dez” Zambrano.

This exhibition is currently on view through August 14, 2021, at The Yard: Eastern Market. To visit the exhibition or to purchase art please email,

Artwork by Raquel Thompson

Artwork by Raquel Thompson

Special thanks to our wonderful curators and contributing artists! We have great admiration for the time and care spent on each of our gallery exhibitions, and we truly appreciate the intrinsic power of art as an inspiring force.