Virtual Events @ The Yard: April 27- May 1

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We know that this is a tough time, so The Yard team has prepared a variety of virtual events for our members to join while working remotely.

Interested in any of the below events? Contact or your local Community Manager to RSVP and get the sign-up information.

Virtual Events: April 27 – May 1


2:00 pm ET – Startup Investor Panel (Angel Round to IPO)

Entre is hosting a special investors panel geared towards the growing community of entrepreneurs, artists, creators, influencers, and innovators. Join for a panel featuring investors discussing entrepreneurship, strategies, and advice on how to pitch and scale your businesses.

Our goal is to make it less lonely, less confusing, and less frustrating to start and grow your business. We are open-sourcing Entrepreneurship with a holistic approach that gives you the support and community you need to strive for greatness and make your dreams a reality.


2:00 pm – 3:00 pm: Panel and Q&A
3:00 pm – 4:0 pm: Networking

Speakers include:

5:00 pm ET – Women Crush Wednesdays Series with Jacy Mercer

Join us for the ‘Women Crush Wednesdays’ 5-week series! Through the duration of this series, Women’s Health Coach, Jacy Mercer, will guide you through casual and compassion-filled conversations about all things women’s health, hormones, intuition and finding your inner rhythm. Bring your wine, coffee, tea or whatever you’re sipping on, and we’ll see you there!

If you missed out on last week’s WCW workshop and want to check it out, email our Event Coordinator Liz ( and she will send the recordings your way! Each workshop begins promptly at 5:00 pm–see below for the topics!

  • 4/29: Creating Health & Vitality Through Accessing Your Inner Wisdom
  • 5/5: How to Find Your Feminine in a Masculine World
  • 5/13: Breaking the SuperWoman Myth & Restoring your Energy


12:30 pm ET – How to Not Eat All The Quarantine Snacks

Amanda Castilone, a Self Love Coach specializing in teaching people how to love themselves enough to take care of themselves – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, will lead a 1hour 15-minute workshop on cravings. Amanda’s work is based on her core belief: you are not broken and there’s nothing to fix! She helps her clients move through fear-based thought and behavior patterns so that they can live a life they love and are proud of. Amanda is also a certified Breathwork Facilitator and Yoga Instructor practicing and teaching in the South Bay of Los Angeles.

What to expect during this workshop:

  •  Discussing why cravings are occurring more strongly right now
  •  Providing practical tips and tricks on how to stop giving in to cravings or overeating
  •  A 20-minute breathwork practice
  •  Q&A


3:00 pm ET – Mindful Yoga + Meditation with Kelsey Mazeski

Please join us for a virtual yoga + meditation session accessible to any level of practitioner. This hour-long session will entail a 10-minute introduction to mindfulness, 30 minutes of gentle yoga, 15 minutes of meditation, closing with 5 minutes to simply unwind from the stress of the work-week. While a yoga mat is not required, you’ll need a non-slip, padded surface. A few throw pillows and a blanket are encouraged.

Kelsey Mazeski is a corporate wellness consultant who offers tangible mindfulness tools to elevate organizations and their human capital. Her mission is to inspire clarity in decision-making by leading individuals towards building a meaningful toolkit of stress-reducing techniques to improve life in-and-out of the office.