About Us

About Us

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The Yard is a company that inspires and fosters success through private offices and coworking spaces in New York, Philadelphia and DC Founded in 2011 by Morris Levy and Richard Beyda, The Yard offers flexible options for entrepreneurs and companies looking for a space working without long term leases. The name “The Yard” symbolizes the balance between work and play, creating a community where productivity, networking and enjoyment coexist. Over the years, The Yard has grown to include more than 2,000 businesses and miles of members at 14 locations. The company recently obtained a $15 million line of credit from the IDB Bank to support community expansion and development. At The Yard, we prioritize a culture that embraces hard work, celebrates growth, and encourages creative inspiration to help achieve your business goals.


and discover why The Yard is the ultimate destination for success and growth.​


At The Yard, we prioritize a culture of serious work, growth celebration, and sophisticated play. Our professional environment excludes distractions like beer on tap or arcade games. We offer amenities like The Yard's Wellness Program, providing on-demand meditation sessions and on-site health events. Our vibrant community of entrepreneurs celebrates achievements and fosters learning from one another, contributing to the local entrepreneurial spirit.​


The Yard's entrepreneurial community celebrates achievements and fosters learning. We interact, contribute to, and benefit from local businesses, creating a unique and vibrant neighborhood spirit. Our educational and networking programs help members achieve their business goals, while Community Managers curate successful collaborations and connections.​​


At The Yard, design is central to productivity. Our spaces are thoughtfully designed to inspire and enhance productivity without distractions. Through renovations, we highlight the unique character of each building and its neighborhood, connecting with the city and standing against generic interiors. Our Art Program showcases rotating artworks from renowned curators, turning our spaces into dynamic galleries that members can enjoy and discuss at opening receptions.​