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The Yard Art Program

With a quarterly rotation of local art pieces, The Yard’s Art Program is a core differentiator of The Yard. The program, helps to ensure fresh, inspiring spaces, while supporting inspiration and connections between members. Through our relationships with curators at every location, our members our surrounded by inspiring art everyday and we are able to provide additional resources for the creative community.

The Yard Art Program: Exhibits

Each of our locations works with amazing curators and our Director of Aesthetics and Maintenance to provide new, inspiring contemporary art on a quarterly basis.

Opening and Closing Art Receptions are held for each new exhibit to invite The Yard and the artist’s communities to join together.


Vargas-Suarez Universal

Vectors Spectrum at The Yard: Lincoln Square Vectors Spectrum at The Yard: Lincoln Square

“Vectors Spectrum” (2016) is the third art commission for The yard by artist Vargas-Suarez Universal (b. 1972).

This multi panel painting is rooted in muralism, geometric abstraction and contains geometries associated with architecture, biology and mapping.

The artist’s intent is to create a panoramic painting using colors associated with traditional landscape painting, using pigments from Italy and Holland, as well as aluminum and oil enamels to create a network of “vectors” interconnecting the panels into a panorama of co-existence and harmony. The artist has suggested that this painting is a type of metaphor for the type of working and networking activities that occur at The Yard.

This piece is a permanent fixture in The Yard: Lincoln Square and part of the collection of the artist.

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Contemplation Consumed Curated by Porter Contemporary

Untitled (2014) by Natsuko Hattori at The Yard: City Hall Park Untitled (2014) by Natsuko Hattori at The Yard: City Hall Park

Through the perspectives of 3 artists–Johanna Goodman, Natsuko Hattori and Lori Larusso — Contemplation Consumed explores the idea of happiness in our daily lives.

Hattori’s hand sewn sculptures of bursts of color symbolize transformation and intimacy of human spirit while Johanna Goodman’s two dimensional paintings create a balanced atmosphere of order and form.

These are tied together by Lori Larusso’s flat perspective painting commentary on daily life through the consumption of food.

Each work in the exhibition has a unique meditative quality created through the use of color and texture.

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Site:Brooklyn Featuring Chris Cosma and Shirley Verrette

Artwork by Chris Cosma at The Yard: Herald Square Artwork by Chris Cosma at The Yard: Herald Square

Chris Cosma:

This series of paintings explores direct imprinting of objects, sites and actions into canvas, recording views from under, above, within and over time.

Shirley Verrette:

For 17 years, I’ve divided my time between the U.S. and Turkey. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel extensively. Living in two diverse cultures and experiencing others through travel have provided rich visual imagery for my work.

My gouache series of the last ten years, entitled “Threads”, includes elements from art, literature, and world culture. What seems diverse is seamlessly fused into dynamic story-telling compositions.

“Threads”, tells the stories of how diverse peoples, places and times converge.

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