The Yard Art Program

The Yard Art Program

With a quarterly rotation of art openings and exhibitions, the Art Program is a core differentiator of The Yard. The program helps to ensure fresh, inspiring spaces while supporting connections between members. Through our relationships with curators and galleries at each location, our members are surrounded by beautiful art every day and we are able to provide additional gallery space for the local creative community.


The Art Program officially began back in 2016 with the former Head of Art Program, Michaeline Sander, and proudly lives on today with Jasmine Pierik taking over the program in 2023.


Rotating Art Openings & Exhibitions in NYC

Each of our locations works with amazing local curators, galleries, and our Head of Art Program, to provide new and fresh contemporary art on a quarterly basis. Read more about our current and upcoming Rotating Exhibitions.

Opening or Closing Art Receptions are held for each new exhibition to invite The Yard members and the artist’s communities to join together to celebrate the wonderful works in the spaces.

The Yard Art Jake Himovitz - 4 Horses, 3 Cowboys 2017

Jake Himovitz – 4 Horses, 3 Cowboys, 2017

Permanent Collection

The Yard Collection is an ever-growing selection of some of our favorite pieces. While a few of the pieces were made site specific for the company, others were brought into the space through the rotating exhibitions. After seeing how perfectly these works fit in the space, The Yard had to acquire them! These acquisitions support local artists and curators that we work with while bringing a unique flair to each location.


Vargas-Suarez Universal – Vectors Spectrum at The Yard: Lincoln Square

Vectors Spectrum” (2016) is the third art commission for The yard by artist Vargas-Suarez Universal (b. 1972).

This multi-panel painting is rooted in muralism, and geometric abstraction and contains geometries associated with architecture, biology, and mapping.

The artist’s intent is to create a panoramic painting using colors associated with traditional landscape painting, using pigments from Italy and Holland, as well as aluminum and oil enamels to create a network of “vectors” interconnecting the panels into a panorama of co-existence and harmony. The artist has suggested that this painting is a type of metaphor for the type of working and networking activities that occur at The Yard.

This piece is a permanent fixture in The Yard: Lincoln Square coworking space on the Upper East Side and part of the collection of the artist.

Read more about The Yard Collection, and don’t forget to check back to see what’s new in our ever-changing Rotating Exhibitions.

We’ll see you at The Yard soon!