Member Spotlight: Priya Malani

July 20, 2015/ by Tara M. F. Leavitt

Meet Priya Malani: Partner at Stash Wealth and the fourth of The Yard‘s over 1000 members to be featured in our Member Spotlight series.

Gemma: Where are you from?

Priya: I was born in the West Village, grew up in Westchester, then moved to a small town in Kentucky right around the time I started High School. Culture shock!!

Gemma: When did you come back to New York City?

Priya: In 2006, I moved back to work for Merrill Lynch in the World Financial Center.

Gemma: How did Stash Wealth first come about?

Priya: Working on Wall Street taught me a lot about how good financial information can help change people’s lives. Our generation has the greatest potential to become independently wealthy and not rely on social security and other flawed systems. With this wealth potential comes great responsibility and the ability to influence change. It’s such a powerful thing, however, all of this great information isn’t reaching the people who need it the most: Millennials. So we set out to change that with STASH.

Gemma: When did you get involved with The Yard?

Priya: I did a Financial Cliffnotes LIVE talk at The Yard in July 2015 thanks to the support of our new fan, Andy Smith. That said, I’ve been following the success of The Yard for some time now and am a huge fan.

Gemma: What do you think of coworking?

Priya: Coworking is the way of the future! “Two heads are better than one” but amplified, am I right?

Gemma: What’s the last great movie you saw?

Priya: Interstellar!! Love Matthew McConaughey and watching what it would be like to live in a multi-dimensional (more than 3) space. I heard that they did a ton of research and consulted scientists to put together the scene inside a black hole…very cool!