What membership is right for you?

Our flexible, month-to-month membership options are ideal for new or growing businesses. Customize your space to amplify your brand, and access the network and resources that will accelerate your business growth.

Starting prices are below. Please view or contact the location you are interested for updated details as pricing varies by neighborhood.

Coworking Space Day Pass

Try out coworking at The Yard for a day.

Coworking Space Day Pass

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Coworking Space Multi-Day Pass

Try out coworking at The Yard for multiple days a week or month.

Coworking Space Multi-Day Pass

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Open Coworking Membership

A coworking membership gives you flexible desk options alongside other entrepreneurs and creatives.

Open Coworking Membership

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Dedicated Desk Rental

A beautiful dedicated desk with your coworking space monthly membership.

Dedicated Desk Rental

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Private Office Space

Private offices to get work done for teams of 1-30+.

Private Office Space

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Enterprise Coworking Space

Enterprise Coworking Space

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Virtual Office Space

Get all the benefits of The Yard community to start your business or network.

Virtual Office Space

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Membership Level 24/7 Access Conference Room Credits B&W Printer Pages Color Printer Pages
Day Pass
Open Coworking 8/month 100/month 10/month
Dedicated Desk 16/month 100/month 10/month
Private Office 20/month 100/month 10/month
Virtual Desk 2/month
24/7 access to your office location through secure keycards or The Yard app.

24/7 Access

Rotating art gallery installations accompanied by seasonal opening receptions supporting local artists.

Art Gallery

The Yard negotiates hundreds of special rates for business needs and local discounts on your behalf.

Benefits & Discounts

Modern kitchens include complimentary coffee by La Colombe and tea by Kusmi Tea.

Coffee & Tea

Events curated by The Yard to help you network, learn and enjoy your membership.

Curated Events

High quality furniture and ergonomic chairs to get serious work done comfortably.

Ergonomic Furniture

The Yard provides reliable, high-speed wireless internet and Ethernet connectivity.

High-Speed Wifi

An in-house cafe to get your caffeine fix on your way to work.

In-House Cafe

Tech-enabled conference and meeting rooms to host guests and regroup with the team.

Meeting Rooms

The latest technology available to use onsite including VR headsets.

New Technology

Our Community Managers are on-site, M-F, from 9:30-5:30,

to lend their support & expertise.

Onsite Manager

Environmentally responsible print quantities are included with your membership.


We've got you covered with surveillance on your office location.


Some memberships include lockable filing cabinets, shelves, or lockers.

Storage Options

Activities from our wellness program including fitness classes, new healthy options and meditation sessions.

Wellness Program

Questions? We've got Answers

Of course! If possible, schedule a tour through our website. But if you happen to be in the area, feel free to pop in and if one of our team members is available, we’ll have them show you around.

For non members, our hours are 9:30 am-5:30 pm, Monday-Friday.

All our members have 24/7 access to the space.


Every member has a “home” location which is where their mail received and their desk is primarily located. If you need to use another location for a meeting or to work from that space, just contact your Community Manager at your home location to coordinate based on availability.

We have rooms available for new mothers in most locations. If  you are expecting, please let your community manager know to make sure we can create a New Mothers’ Room in your location if one does not already exist.

The Yard loves your furry friends and dogs are allowed at most locations. Please check with your local community manager about the pet policy in that building.